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Os fãs do Tipping Point têm a mesma reclamação, pois detectam um erro com a máquina do contador

TIPPING Point viewers were left seriously distracted by the counter machine claiming it wasmoving less.

Fans noticed the odd behaviour of the machine during Tuesday’s episode when a contestant named Stephen was the last player standing.

Tipping Point fans were seriously distracted during Tuesday's episode

Tipping Point fans were seriously distracted during Tuesday’s episodeCrédito: [object Window]

O SOLTEIRO Clayton Echard criticou Teddi Wright por Ben Shephard threw the standard final round questions at Stephen, who seemed to struggle with them.

But fans were noticed the counter machine had something seriously wrong with it.

They said it was moving slowly and hardly any coins were dropping down.

That counter is a right stubborn s***,moaned one fan on Twitter.

Outro adicionado: “Just play in drop zone 2 and take some money.

And a third wrote: “That counter’s moving less than dave.

Stephen did not walk away empty handed, managing to win £2,750.

Tuesday’s complaints come after fans were recently left baffled when they spotted ANOTHER format shake-up on the ITV game show.

A June episode saw Adam, Processar, Vanessa and Iain take to the podiums.

As the player buzzed in to answer questions and place their tokens in the machine, viewers picked up on a habit Vanessa seemed to have.

Ben asked: “When spelled correctly, what letter does Pharmacy begin with?”

Vanessa buzzed in and said “p”, which was the right answer.

It left her very excited, as she grinned and jumped around with her arms in the air.

Mas alguns Tipping Point viewers at home were not loving her celebrations.

Um escreveu no Twitter: “Please don’t ‘yay’#TippingPoint.

Outro adicionado: “Stop bloody cheering ffs #TippingPoint.

Stephen managed to win almost £3,000 on the show

Stephen managed to win almost £3,000 on the showCrédito: [object Window]
Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard hosts the ITV game show

Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard hosts the ITV game showCrédito: [object Window]