KARDASHIAN fans are buzzing about Kylie Jenner’s company, カイリースイム, after spotting a clue it’s been shut down.

The billionaire owns several companies, including her famed makeup line, a baby line, and the swim brand.

Fans uncovered a major clue about the fate of Kylie Swim

Fans uncovered a major clue about the fate of Kylie Swimクレジット: INSTAGRAM/kylieswim
Reddit users learned that the reality star's lawyers abandoned the trademark

Reddit users learned that the reality star’s lawyers abandoned the trademarkクレジット: Reddit

金曜日に, Reddit users uncovered legal documents that suggest Kylie’s legal team “放棄された” the trademark for her brand Kylie Swim.

The original poster suggested the company was‘dead in the water,'” 国の年間降水量はわずか3インチから4インチです.

Per the paperwork, a May 2021 application for the trademark was abandoned and marked aDEAD/APPLICATION/Refused/Dismissed or Invalidated.

No reason for the team abandoning the trademark was given, though there has been much speculation that Kylie was letting the brand fade out.



where is he?


Not unlike the star herself, her swimwear brand was the subject of much scrutiny over the years.

Kylie continued to stand by her brand, ignoring the backlash for the most part.

She released several styles and ranges and continued posting about the brand on social media until early June.

9月中 2021, she was slammed for alack of integrity as a business owner as fans ripped the company.


Paddy と Christine McGuinness は SPLIT で「難しい決断」と呼んでいます


Paddy と Christine McGuinness は、それを「難しい決断」と呼んでいます。’


Several reviewers called the pieces in the line “恐ろしい” および/または “安いです,” とりわけ.

As reviews for the brand rolled in, users held nothing back.

The quality of the Kylie Jenner Swim line is so cheap. So disappointed,” あるTwitterユーザーが書いた.

Another Reddit reviewer claimed: “The Kylie tag being see through is such an obnoxious eye roller. Kylie and the whole company is ridiculous.

Even as speculation intensifies, Kylie remains quiet and appears in good spirits.


She was recently spotted out and about with her boyfriend Travis Scott and daughter Stormi.

Kylie took to TikTok to post a new video featuring her, トラヴィス, そして , 四, walking down the hallway of what looks to be a luxury hotel.

クリップで, the family walk together as another shot has Kylie holding on to her daughter’s hand.

別の人は言った: “Am I the only one wondering where Kylie’s son is at?” as a third chimed in, “Where is the baby boy? He deserves some love, あまりにも。”

Where’s the other baby,” one person chimed in, and another wrote, “Did she not have a second child?”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum welcomed her second child 2月中, しかしながら, fans have not seen much of him.

The 24-year-old has shared some snaps of her son with his face out of the shot, including one where the star showed off her stretch marks.

後で, a huge breakfast including pancakes, ベーコン, sausage, フルーツ, and more appears on the screen.

しかしながら, some fans wondered where the star’s little one was in all of this family time as one said: “Does the second baby exist anymore?”

The TV star also posted a video recently that had her rubbing baby lotion on the five-month-old’s legs and feet- a clip that fans weren’t happy with due to Kylie’s long nails.

She’s gonna scrapped him with those nails!” one person reacted as another added: “My God, I would not change a diaper with those.

三人目のコメント: “It’s such a pet peeve of mine seeing these sharp nails on moms handling babies.


While fans have gotten rare looks at the baby, Kylie has still not announced the child’s name after she revealed she has changed his moniker.

The beauty mogul wrote on her Instagram Story: “FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore.

We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.

The name change came after Kylie’s ex-pal タミー・ヘンブロフ subtly called out the star’s name choice in an Instagram post where she posed with her oldest child.

The Aussie model wrapped one arm around her son Wolf, 6, as the two looked into each other’s eyes, smiling.

She simply captioned the shot with a nod to her eldest child’s name: “My Wolf.





当時の, fans thought her caption might have been a dig at the reality star choosing the same name for her second child.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who made the connection mad quick and came to Tammy’s page,” 一人が書いた.

カイリーのように, Kylie Swim faced a lot of controversy and backlash

カイリーのように, Kylie Swim faced a lot of controversy and backlashクレジット: インスタグラム
The reality star has not posted about the brand since early June

The reality star has not posted about the brand since early Juneクレジット: INSTAGRAM/kylieswim
She appears unbothered, posting about her family and flying private

She appears unbothered, posting about her family and flying privateクレジット: キャプションを参照してください