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Sono un fan delle celebrità in preda all'isterismo mentre Owen Warner fa un grosso errore

I’M a Celebrity fans were left in hysterics as Owen Warner made another hilarious blunder in tonight’s show.

Il Hollyoaks hunk, 23, has kept viewers entertained with his one-liners right from the start.

Owen had fans in hysterics with his latest blunder

Owen had fans in hysterics with his latest blunderCredito: ITV

E Owen kept it up in Wednesday night’s episode of I’m a Celeb when the camp got an unwelcome visitor in the form of a huge lizard.

Discussing the latest addition to camp in the Bush Telegraph, Owen referred the reptile as a ‘salamalander’ – and fans rushed to social media to have their say on the moment.

Uno ha twittato: “‘SalamalanderWE LOVE YOU OWEN.

Un altro ha detto: “Salamalander? Owen, piccola, it’s a salamander.

E un terzo aggiunto: “‘SALAMALANDERCrying Owen.

Owen previously confessed he had been saying the wordjetlagall wrong for years.

He believed the word for flying long distance on little sleep was supposed to bejetlack”.

His brother Louis appeared on Lorraine to defend Owen from people insisting he’s putting on an act.

Louis said: “He does have his ditsy moments but he’s not stupid at all. He’s actually really switched on.

But his brain works in a different way so he might come across as, well you might think ‘that’s a bit stupid’. But sometimes you then think, in his own way, it makes a bit of sense.

Ha aggiunto: “It’s nice to see him so welcomed when he is being himself, because back at home he is so precious, and the whole of the UK is finding out.

“È brillante, and I’m so happy the rest of the UK is warming to him.