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Spoiler di Coronation Street: Il nuovo proprietario del Woolpack si è rivelato mentre Kim e Cain combattono

ROCKED by Faye Windassconfession, Craig Tinker makes a drastic decision in Coronation Street.

Awash with guilt and overwhelmed by the evidence piling up against her and Emma Brooker, the youngster confessed to being involved in Ted’s death.

Craig makes a shock decision

Craig makes a shock decision

But with her boyfriend Craig (Colson Smith) being the receiver of this confession, things are getting tense at No.2a.

After revealing to Faye (Ellie Leach) that the police was going to conduct another thorough search of Ted’s house, the police constable makes a shocking decision regarding his future and unbeknownst to his mother Beth Tinker (Lisa George).

In an upcoming instalment of the ITV drama, due to air next week, the Underworld machinist overhears Faye enquiring about a job at the factory.

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She later finds out the job enquiry is on behalf of her son Craig, whom she assumed remained a member of the police force.

Beth is shocked to find out that Craig has in fact abruptly resigned from his constable position.

Rushing over to her son, Beth comforts him but demands to know what pushed him to quit so suddenly.

This leads him to assure Faye that leaving the police was down to him and, after making his decision, Craig decides to talk to Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) about a job in packing the following day.

Faye admitted to being involved in Ted’s passing after finding out that the pensioner’s post-mortem indicated he had been run over, which resulted in the formation of a blood clot that eventually killed him.

She came clean to Craig after withholding the truth from him weeks.

Faye was behind the wheel alongside a tipsy Emma (Alexandra Mardell) when the pair ran over the frail pensionerportrayed by Yorkshire comedian Duggie Brownafter a New Year’s Eve.

The old man insisted he was fine but was found dead in his home by the pair who had decided to pay him a visit to replace a pack of ginger biscuits he lost during the accident.

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Emma and Faye have desperately tried to cover up evidence of their involvement ever since, the latter determined to not return behind bars.

Faye spent several months in prison after being sentenced to three years for attacking Adam Barlow, whom she had mistaken for Ray Crosby.

She was released on bail ahead of the festive season but is still walking on thin ice with the law.

And with Craig aware of her secret, a fact which could also lead him into plenty of trouble, is Faye truly out of the woods?

What will Craig tell his mother Beth?

Will Emma and Faye get away with Ted’s death or will the return of one particular character shine a light on them?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the channel with a double bill at 7:30pm and 8:30pm.

Will Faye return to prison?

Will Faye return to prison?

Coronation Street’s Emma and Faye run over elderly man Ted