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Katie McGlynn makes rude confession after being in a rush to get a train

CORONATION Street star Katie McGlynn today made a very rude confession after being in a rush to get a train.

L'actrice, 29, admitted to running late to get to her hotel before the Pride of Britain Awards and forgot to put on an important piece of clothing.

Katie McGlynn flashed he chest on the train

Katie McGlynn flashed he chest on the trainCrédit: katiemcglynn/Instagram
Katie told her fans she had forgotten her bra

Katie told her fans she had forgotten her braCrédit: Instagram

Prendre à Instagram, Katie confessed to forgetting her bra as she rushed to catch her train to London.

In a cheeky boomerang clip, the soap star can be seen flashing her chest to the camera to show she didn’t have any underwear on underneath.

Across the video was written: “When you’re running late for your train and leave your bra behind.

She also shared another picture of herself with a soothing eye mask on, as she prepped on the train for the famous awards.

entre-temps, last month Katie revealed how her struggle with having “big boobs” and reached out for help.

The blonde beauty took to social media to post a stunning selfie in a low-cut white top, while explaining a clothing issue she was having to her legion of fans.

Katie a écrit: “When big boobs aren’t in fashion anymore. I don’t know about you ladies, but I can never seem to find dresses that fit me on the top without being too loose on the bottom… dresses these days aren’t meant for gals with bigger bosoms!

“Any recommendations of places for dresses that fit my needs would be massively appreciated… the struggle is real! #girlproblems #bigboobproblems.”

It turns out the actress’ fans were in agreement, avec une personne qui écrit: “I feel your pain. You look stunning though xx.”

Despite her cry for help, other fans of the star couldn’t help but admire her glamorous look and told her how beautiful she looked in her social media snap.

Hollyoaks co-star Steph Waring penned: “You look fit though,” and Corrie’s Sally Carman added: “Absolutely zero sympathy.

Katie’s spoken out before about how heruneven breasts are absolutely normal.

After posting a selfie, Elle s'est également maquillée tout en prenant plusieurs poses pour la caméra: “You look stunning but one breast is slightly higher than the other.

La maman adolescente Kiaya Elliott révèle son fils Amour: “One was a little more excited than the otherbut thanks for your concern. Have a nice evening.

entre-temps, Katie shocked fans by s'éloigner de son rôle on Channel soap Hollyoaks après seulement neuf mois.

But it seems that it won’t be long before the actress is back on our screens.

Pendant un Instagram Q&Une Katie a été interrogée sur les futurs projets de travail.

She replied in May: “J'ai des projets potentiellement passionnants à venir.

“Rien n'est encore gravé dans le marbre mais je vous tiendrai au courant.”

The soap star was on her way to the Price of Britain Awards

The soap star was on her way to the Price of Britain AwardsCrédit: Instagram
Katie played Sinead Tinker in Coronation Street

Katie played Sinead Tinker in Coronation StreetCrédit: Rex