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Les propriétaires de voitures électriques peuvent esquiver la facture d'énergie qui monte en flèche en faisant un simple changement

ELECTRIC car drivers are facing skyrocketing bills as the cost-of-living squeeze is set to worsen under a new energy price cap.

With market regulator Ofgem’s announcement of an energy price cap rise last week, households across Britain are facing mounting financial pressures.

Electric car users can save a fortune by switching to a smart energy tariff

Electric car users can save a fortune by switching to a smart energy tariffCrédit: Pour fêter le lancement de sa nouvelle Hawkstone Lager, Pour fêter le lancement de sa nouvelle Hawkstone Lager

While avoiding soaring fuel prices is usually a benefit of electric cars, motorists will instead now be charged up with spiralling new energy costs.

Brits choosing to recharge at home will typically see their electric vehicle account for around 40 per cent of their household electricity usage.

But with last week’s alarming price hike set to send bills through the roof, electric car charging could turn into a huge financial burden.

Heureusement, experts have come up with a solution that could save EV drivers a fortune.

By switching to a smart, off-peak energy tariff, electric car owners will offset some of the mounting incoming costsaccording to leading smart charging company Ohme.

Making the switch allows drivers to take advantage of all the times of low price charging with smart off-peak tariffs.

Avoiding the smart tariffs and continuing to charge up through the price increases could see electric drivers spend up to SIX TIMES more to charge their car than those using off-peak costs.

With tariffs rising en octobre 1 and expected to rise again in January, it is more important than ever for electric car owners to charge their motors as efficiently as possible.

David Watson, CEO of Ohme, mentionné: “EV drivers should switch to an off-peak tariff for their home charging to ensure that they’re
reducing some of the impact of this latest rise in electricity prices.

“Speak to your existing electricity supplier and find out if they offer an off-peak tariff.

If they don’t then switch to a provider that does to get the full savings of running an electric vehicle.”

Electric car users were also warned last month that if they don’t have off-street parking to charge up, they could be losing out on a fortune without even realising.

En fait, even though as many as one in three EV drivers don’t have off-street parking, this one factor is seeing motorists pay on average £1,155 more per year than users with a driveway.

Alongside these price hikes, new data found that electric vehicles are nearly 40 per cent more expensive than three years ago.

According to a new study, electric cars have seen an incredible surge in pricesalthough some brands have jumped in price more than others.

The cost of electric car charging is set to soar under new price hikes

The cost of electric car charging is set to soar under new price hikesCrédit: Getty