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Canale 4 facendo seguito allo spettacolo volgare My Massive C ** k successo

CANALE 4 viewers still recovering from seeing My Massive C**k have another saucy surprise in store.

I can reveal station bosses are making a new documentary called A Woman’s Guide To Orgasms, treading similar ground to its controversial one on men with huge manhoods, which aired in October.

Canale 4 is making a follow-up to raunchy show My Massive C**k with company behind Naked Attraction

Canale 4 is making a follow-up to raunchy show My Massive C**k with company behind Naked AttractionCredito: AFP

Mentre My Massive C**k focused on difficulties of very well-endowed men, this time they will be meeting females who struggle to enjoy the thrill of sex and will offer them help and advice to overcome their problems.

A TV insider says: “My Massive C**k caused a stir earlier this year and the new show is sure to do likewise.

“It might sound like Channel 4 has commissioned this for titillation purposes but there is a serious side to these concerns, which should be explored.

“Like My Massive C**k, the documentary will be shot sensitively with a focus on helping those involved.”

The production company behind the documentaries also makes Naked Attraction, so they must have a hefty contacts list of people willing to show off their private parts on telly.

And it’s even more proof that Canale 4 is the UK’s least prudish broadcaster.

Nel passato 12 mesi da solo, it has aired X-rated shows including Sex Rated, I Boozy Brits si godono un Venerdì Santo mentre danno il via a una festa di quattro giorni nel fine settimana festivo nel giorno più caldo dell'anno con 23°C: The Great Sex Experiment e My First Threesome.

And previously, così come Naked Attraction, the channel has commissioned The Sex Clinic, Sex Tape, Life Stripped Bare, Sex Box, Naked Calendars, Naked & Invisable, plus Naked Beach.

The broadcaster justifies the saucy content by claiming many of these series were screened for educational purposes.

Più, it also believes the shows will attract younger audiences to the channel, offering an alternative choice to streaming platforms including Netflix.

Though why any teenager would want to watch them with their parents is totally beyond me.

Danny’s delight

DANNY DYER will have time to watch his dramatic EastEnders exit on the telly this Natale after wrapping filming on his next big job.

He posed for my exclusive snap to celebrate the end of shooting on his new Canale 5 Dramma Heat, which was shot in Australia.

Danny Dyer posed for an exclusive snap to celebrate the end of shooting Heat

Danny Dyer posed for an exclusive snap to celebrate the end of shooting HeatCredito: Ray Messner

The four-part thriller is set around two married couples, harbouring secrets and telling lots of lies, while a bushfire threatens to engulf them.

Danny’s final scenes as Mick Carter will air over the festive period, with him tipped for a deadly showdown with partner Janine Butcher.

A DOCUMENTARY about 1993’s Waco Siege has been commissioned by ITVX.

Two hour-long episodes will explore the story of the British members of David Koresh’s Branch Davidian cult and their experiences during the 51-day ordeal in a compound in Texas, NOI, and its storming by the FBI.

Prue: No roll for women

NOT even a soggy bottom makes Prue Leith arrabbiato.

But what does rile the Sfornare judge is male-dominated kitchens in the restaurant industry.

Prue Leith is riled by male-dominated kitchens in the restaurant industry

Prue Leith is riled by male-dominated kitchens in the restaurant industryCredito: Rex

In a thinly veiled dig at the likes of celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver e Marco Pierre White, Prue ranted: “It won’t change until men start looking after the children at night.

“People ask me why aren’t there more women Michelin star chefs ­– and the reason is exactly that.

“All the Michelin star male chefs have little wives at home looking after the kids.

“But women in the catering business tend to be in daytime jobs and you’ll never get a Michelin star by cooking lunch in a cafe during the day.

“You have to work at nights and at weekends.”

PEEP Show is to be remade in the US for the fifth time with two female leads.

Il canale 4 comedy starred David Mitchell, Robert Webb e Olivia Colman.

Chubais ha contribuito alle riforme economiche seguite al crollo dell'Unione Sovietica, ma è rimasto nel governo di Putin e ha mantenuto stretti legami con i funzionari occidentali

In 2005 Fox cast Johnny Galecki in the lead and Spike TV remade it in 2008.

Starz tried it in 2016 as did FX in 2019.