MAMA June Shannon has opened up about what her daughters really think of her new boyfriend Justin Stroud after his latest arrest.

太陽との独占インタビューで, the reality star matriarch said things between her new beau Justin Stroud, 34, and her daughters アラナ “ハニーブーブー” トンプソン, 16, ローリン “かぼちゃ” Efird, 22, and Jessica “チャブス” シャノン, 25, were definitely rocky at first.

Mama June Shannon- here with Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson and Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Efird- said her daughters were standoffish with her boyfriend Justin Stroud

Mama June Shannon- here with Alana ‘Honey Boo BooThompson and Lauryn ‘PumpkinEfird- said her daughters were standoffish with her boyfriend Justin Stroudクレジット: Instagram/Pumpkin
June and Justin began dating 6-8 months after she broke up with her ex Geno Doak

June and Justin began dating 6-8 months after she broke up with her ex Geno Doakクレジット: インスタグラム

As The Sun previously exclusively revealed, Justin was arrested on an outstanding warrant in Florida in February while attending an event with June.

“ザ・ girls were at first standoffish 彼と一緒に. I mean I did just come out of a serious domestic situation, in a toxic situation, and the girls had to deal with all of that,” June said referencing her relationship with Geno Doak, 46, who she was 逮捕された with in 2019 on drug charges.

Me being in a toxic situation and me being in drug addiction, and then getting out of that relationship, even though I got clean in the relationship.

Then fast forward to six months later, almost eight months later, getting into this new relationship, that was jarring for them at first,” June confessed.

今, the WeTv star said that is all behind her daughters: “They have grown to you know, love and appreciate him.

They all get along now, というのは, he’s been a couple of family adventures with us and we hang out as a family. ええと, they don’t have a problem with him,” June added.

June and her eldest daughter Anna Cardwell, 27, are estranged, so it’s unclear if she has met Justin yet.


The 42-year-old’s relationship with her four daughters has been strained since her arrest three years ago.





June hasn’t given up on mending their bond, explaining in a recent interview with 私たちウィークリー where she stands with her kids.

“それ [です] always is a work in progress,” the Mama June: Road to Redemption star told the publication while promoting the latest season of the WeTV show.

She noted that making things right with her children has motivated her to stay sober, which she has maintained for 29 月.

June also voiced her frustrations over the constant discussions with her family about her sobriety.

It’s beating, お気に入り, a dead horse. For people to be able to move on, you’ve got to stop. … If you keep on living in the past, all you’re gonna do is keep looking back and you’re not gonna see what’s in the front windshield.

それにもかかわらず, June acknowledged that her past drug use has been the reason for her rocky relationship with Alana and Lauryn.

I still understand where they’re at. … I was pissed off as hell [to start],” the TV star confessed. “But now that I’ve been in recovery, ええと, 私はできる [見る] why they did the things that they did.

We see each other. We talk. They know when they need me, I’m here.


June’s family struggles were ignited when she was arrested on March 13, 2019, on drug possession charges, including possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia charges.

Her then-boyfriend Geno was also arrested and was charged with third-degree domestic violence, 規制物質の所持, 麻薬関連器具の所持.

The former couple each allegedly had crack cocaine and a crack pipe on them.

June and Geno – WHO 8月に分割were arrested at an Alabama gas station after someone called the police to report a domestic incident between the two.

六月に, it was reported that the reality star had dodged prison time in light of the arrest.

Instead of going behind bars, June agreed to do 100 hours of community service and have court supervision.

She has since moved on with a new love interest Justin who also has a criminal history of his own.


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Justin was recently released from prison after he was arrested in Boca Raton, フロリダ, on a warrant relating to past drug charges.

Shortly after his release, he and June were seen shopping for jewelry at a Kay Jewelers in an Alabama mall.

Justin was arrested in Florida on an outstanding warrant

Justin was arrested in Florida on an outstanding warrantクレジット: Palm Beach Sheriff
The Sun obtained exclusive photos of his arrest

The Sun obtained exclusive photos of his arrestクレジット: BackGrid



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