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„Großbritanniens strengste Kneipe’ verbietet Hüte, Hoodies & 'Männertaschen’ im Dresscode-Durchgreifen

A BOOZER dubbed one of the UK’s strictest pubs has banned punters from wearing hats, hoodies or carrying manbags.

The Famous King George’s in Hollinwood, Großraum Manchester, has been slammed by customers after introducing a new dress code.

The Famous King George has introduced draconian new dress code rules

The Famous King George has introduced draconian new dress code rulesAnerkennung: Google

It is reopening after being closed for a £127,000 refurbishmentbut its new rules are the talk of the town rather than its updated interiors.

The boozer’s owners say they are cracking down on its puntersappearances in a bid to “tackle drug culture” and “make the community safer”.

But locals believe the new rules “sexist” and have vowed to boycott the pub.

The draconian regulations have banned gym gear, Hoodies, workwear, hats, caps and manbags after 6pm Thursday to Sunday.

And the venue will be policing it every night with “no second chances and no excuses.”

Residents rushed to social media last night to share their shock at the new rules.

Man schrieb: “No man bagsis that sex discrimination???”

Eine zweite hinzugefügt: “Discrimination as to head coverings and gender-related bags? Good luck with all that mate.

I think you’re going to need it.

When I vacationed in the area the last time, I wore a ball cap to keep the sun off my head (skin cancer scare) and carried a camera case.

I’ll make note for the next time that I won’t be welcome in your pub. No-one else turfed me out.”

jedoch, another appeared to agree with the rules, Sprichwort: “Good on you, respects.”

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Steve Read, the new landlord of the pub, er sagte The Oldham Times: “We’re trying to turn around its bad reputation.

“There’s a drugs culture around here that we have to tackle in order to make the community safer.”