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Chloe Ferry moves out of her mega mansion and in with her mum after split

CHLOE Ferry has moved out of her £1.1 million mansion and is living with her mum.

The 27-year-old is renting out the huge gaffe for £7k a month following the split from her boyfriend Johnny Wilbo.

Chloe Ferry is now living with her mum

Chloe Ferry is now living with her mum
Chloe is renting out her huge home

Chloe is renting out her huge home

'N Insider het gesê: 'Chloe is back living with her mam while she rents out her house.

“The place is far too big for just her and it holds a lot of memories with Johnny, so she wanted a break after the split.

“She’s making good money off the mansion and it’s been really nice being back with her mam after everything that has happened and their huge fall out.”

Chloe moved into the Newcastle based home last summer and gushed about lucky she felt at the time.

The property features a gym, cinema room, a bar, games room, open plan kitchen, walk in wardrobes and is surrounded by countryside.

It’s thought it is currently being rented by a footballer.

Geordie strand star Chloe confirmed last week that things were over after receiving numerous reports of him messaging other women, which were the nail in the coffin after months of torment.

na my mening: “As you may all be aware there are rumours about my partner Johnny messaging numerous girls without my knowledge.

“These rumours are true and Johnny is no longer my partner, but is now my ex-partner.

“I have a lot going on in my life before this extra hurt, so please could I ask you all not to inform me on anymore information.

“One message to one girl is enough for me and I don’t wish to see anymore. I will say, thanks to you all for the messages and continued support from everyone.”

The reality TV favourite started dating Johnny in October of last year and spoke about wanting to marry him and start a family.

Earlier this year he showed his devotion to Chloe by getting her name tattooed on his neck in Arabic.

The Sun has contacted Chloe’s rep for comment.

There is an impressive home gym

There is an impressive home gym
The house has it's own bar

The house has it’s own bar
Chloe and Johnny dated for nearly a year

Chloe and Johnny dated for nearly a year