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Découvrez si le nouveau drame de la BBC, Mariage, est basé sur une histoire vraie

BBC ONE really are the gift that keeps on giving, and now they are unleashing their new drama, [object Window].

This brand new series is led by A-list actors Haricot Sean et Nicola Walker.

Is Marriage based on a true story?Is BBC drama Marriage?

Although the storyline of [object Window] will ring true for some viewers, the plot is entirely fictional.

It focuses on the everyday lives of married couple Ian and Emma who have been wed for 30 années.

Ian has recently been made redundant and is beginning to adapt to his new existence, while Emma is doing well at work and trying to balance that with Ian’s feelings.

According to the synopsis, the four-part BBC drama will see the characters deal withthe insecurities, the ambiguities, the hopes and the fears that are part of all marriages”.

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker star in BBC One's Marriage

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker star in BBC One’s MarriageCrédit: BBC

Who wrote Suspect and is it based on a book?

The new series has been written, created and directed by Stefan Golaszewski, who wrote sitcoms Mum and Him & Sa.

The show is not based and a book, and is an original screenplay.

Speaking of the show’s stars Marriage creator Stefan told the BBC: “Casting Nicola and Sean was great as I was able to rewrite the scripts with them in mind and strip away as much dialogue as I could, knowing I had two amazing actors who could do all that for me, which I prefer. I like having as few words as possible for a scene”.

Who is in the cast of Marriage?

Marriage has attracted a star cast which is lead by Jeu des trônes star Sean Bean and The Split actress Nicola Walker.

Speaking about the show, Sean – who plays Ian – a déclaré à la BBC: “I’m thrilled to be playing opposite the talented Nicola Walker and I’m looking forward to bringing Stefan’s intimate scripts to the screen.”

Meanwhile Nicola Walkerwho plays Ian’s wife Emma – a déclaré à la BBC: “This is a unique project.

Stefan has created such a beautiful, funny and complicated world and I’m excited to be stepping into Ian and Emma’s marriage with Sean.”

Whilst the story predominantly focuses on the couple, other cast members of Marriage include:

When does Marriage start on BBC1?

Marriage starts on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer le dimanche, août 14, 2022 from 9pm.

The series will continue on Monday, août 15, 2022 from 9pm.

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The third and fourth episodes will air in a similar style, with the third instalment broadcasting on Sunday, août 21, 2022.

The final episode will then air Monday, août 22, 2022.