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Is Kevin Samuels getroud?

KEVIN Samuels is a self-proclaimed relationship guruso fans have been wondering about his marital status.

In Mei 2022, his mother confirmed to NBC News that the influencer is dead after rumors swirled on social media.

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Is Kevin Samuels getroud?

YouTube -ster Kevin Samuels is not married to anyone.

But the 57-year-old, who was born in March 1965, has reportedly been married twice, with both ending in divorce.

Despite his fame Kevin has managed to keep his personal life relatively under wraps from the public.

In 2021, it was claimed that the YouTuber was in a relationship with Instagram influencer @sixthegoddis.

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Live updates as controversial YouTuber Kevin Samuels' mother confirms death


Live updates as controversial YouTuber Kevin Samuelsmother confirms death

Kevin’s mother confirmed his passing to NBC Nuus op Vrydag, Mei 6. She did not immediately reveal his cause of death.

She told the outlet she heard about Kevin’s death from social media.

That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. Ek het nie eers geweet nie. I hadn’t even been notified,” sy het gese.

She asked forpeople pray for us.

Wie is sy eksvroue?

Kevin told VLAD-TV daardie he has been married twice in die verlede, with both ending in divorce.

In the interview he stated that he tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, but the marriage lasted just over a year.

He added that they probably should not have got married and were betteras friends”.

But he said: “We have a great relationship. We’ve known each other since fourth grade.

The couple shares a daughter, born in 2001.

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Seven years later, he found love with another woman and the two tied the knot for three years before another divorce due to “onversoenbare verskille”.

Speaking of his ex wives he told VLAD-TV: “I don’t say anything negative about them, because there’s no reason to.

There is not much information available on his ex-wives and their names and Kevin steers clear of the topic.

How many children does Kevin Samuels have?

In 2021, a young black lady claimed that she was Kevin Samuels’ dogter.

Sy is op Junie gebore 29, 2000, but her name was not disclosed.

It is thought that his alleged daughter is from one of his previous marriages.

Reportedly, Kevin and his ex-wife share joint custody of their daughter.

Egter, her claims were not well received by his online fans as some of it was not true.

Who else has Kevin Samuels dated?

Kevin was linked to 29-year-old Insta model @sixthegoddi in 2020.

The YouTube star was also the product of speculation after being spotted with model Brittany Renner in 2021.

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Kevin uploaded an oopgemaak in 'n aansienlik langer 30 minute where he showed off his car before pointing his phone towards Brittany.

The IG model was wearing a purple jumpsuit and high-heeled boots with Kevin mysteriously captioning the upload: “Let me just leave this right here.”

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