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Jeremy Paxman é casado e tem filhos?

TV TITAN Jeremy Paxman has been a feature in Brits living rooms since most of us can remember.

The ex-Newsnight presenter has revealed he has stepped down from University Challenge.

Is Jeremy Paxman married?

Jeremy Paxman is not married, and it is not known if he is in a relationship.

He split with his partner of 34 years Elizabeth Clough in 2016.

The pair first met when they were both working for the BBC on Newsnight.

They later started a home together in Stonor, southeast Oxfordshire, but they never married.

Jeremy Paxman keeps his personal life private

Jeremy Paxman keeps his personal life privateCrédito: Getty – Contribuinte

Who has Jeremy Paxman dated?

After his split from Elizabeth, he was rumoured to be dating book editor Jillian Taylor, quem era 29 anos mais novo dele.

He worked closely alongside when writing his historical books such as Empire: What Ruling the World Did to the British.

Paxman prefers to keep his private lifeout of the spotlightand says he is not interested in other peoples.

Does Jeremy Paxman have children?

The University Challenge host has three children from his relationship with TV producer Elizabeth.

They welcomed their eldest daughter Jessica, 30, no 1991.

The couple also have 23-year-old twins Jack and Victoria.

Amid juggling her busy work schedule and family life, Elizabeth left her senior BBC role tofocus on raising their children at the family home in Oxfordshire.

Family splits is a subject close to Paxman’s heartas he revealed in his personal memoir that he was plagued by resentment for his father, Keith, who left wife Joan and their four children to start a new life in Australia.

My feelings [para ele] ranged from resentment to passionate hatred,” ele escreveu, while confessing he had still being troubled by his family history in his late 60s.