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Doc Martin restituisce molto ai fan’ delizia dopo il drammatico Speciale di Natale

DOC Martin star Martin Clunes teases new documentary after epic final episode on Christmas day.

After eighteen years and ten seasons, popular ITV drama Doc Martin came to end with its final episode airing on Christmas day.

It's not the last we've seen of Doctor Martin Ellingham

It’s not the last we’ve seen of Doctor Martin EllinghamCredito: ITV
Martin and wife Philippa Braithwaite both take part in a documentary

Martin and wife Philippa Braithwaite both take part in a documentaryCredito: Getty
The final episode aired on Christmas day

The final episode aired on Christmas dayCredito: SCU

The nation’s favourite grump medic returned to our screens with Martin Clunes reprising the role of Dr Martin Ellingham.

Viewers saw the GP respond to an emergency callout.

He treated a patient who had sustained head and leg injuries after a fall.

While caring for the woman, there was light snowfall.

Dr Ellingham then received another emergency call and dashed to the casualty.

tuttavia, while on his way the weather suddenly changed for the worse.

Martin was caught up in a snow blizzard and he crashed his car during the storm.

After suffering hypothermia and hallucinating about his dead mother, Martin still managed to reach his patient.

The series ended on a high with nearly six million viewers tuning in to find out whether the Doc would accept a prestigious post in London or stay in the idyllic hamlet of Portwenn.

tuttavia, it’s not all over yet, as fans of the show can learn about the making of the Cornwall based comedy and hear from its star Martin.

Lead actor Martin Clunes, 61, and wife Philippa Braithwaite, 58, the producer reveal its secrets.

Nel documentario, Martin reveals how the show came about in 2004 on the back of 2000 film Saving Grace, in which he played Doctor Martin Bamford.

Philippa reveals her hubby often dishes out medical advice as if he really is a qualified medic.

“If someone is on antibiotics, Martin will ask what they have been given, and we have to say, ’You are not a doctor!’” she said.

Negli anni, Doc Martin attracted big-name actors to take guest roles, including Claire Bloom, Tom Conti, Caroline Quentin, Julie Graham, Ben Miller, Hermione Norris, Fay Ripley and Anne Reid.

An insider teased a possible return for Hollywood star Sigourney Weaverwho came to appear in the series as American tourist Beth Traywick.

The documentary also discusses how the Cornish coast has become a tourist attraction after the show as well as a second home for the cast and crew.

Port Isaac, a village on the Cornish coast where white houses huddle around a sandy harbour, became the fictional town of Port Wenn and for 18 anni.

Martin and Philippa say: “It feels like demolishing your house – it’s all over.”

The documentary is narrated by Caroline Catz, who plays Doc Martin’s wife Louisa Ellingham.

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It showcases how various stunts are performed including how a car that is tilted on the edge of a cliff is actually attached to a cable.

Farewell Doc Martin airs Thursday at 8.30pm on ITV1.

Caroline Catz, who plays Louisa Ellingham, narrates the Doc Martin documentary

Caroline Catz, who plays Louisa Ellingham, narrates the Doc Martin documentary
Sigourney Weaver had a guest role on the show - will she appear in the documentary?

Sigourney Weaver had a guest role on the showwill she appear in the documentary?