McDonald’s issues disappointing menu update for fans of Happy Meals

MCDONALD’S fans were left devastated after they were told an exciting new addition to the menu would not be rolled out in the UK.

Fans were over the moon when McDonald’s announced the addition of ‘adult happy meals’ to their menus.

The fast-food franchise has disappointed their customers with the absence of an adult happy meal in the UK

The fast-food franchise has disappointed their customers with the absence of an adult happy meal in the UKCredit: Getty

However, their happiness was soon crushed when the company confirmed the new meal would only be available in the US.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told the Manchester Evening News: “We have no plans to roll this out in the UK.”

The news affected some McDonald’s loving members of the public very badly and they hit back at the fast-food chain.

Angie Norwood-Pearson said: “Absolutely devastating. […] I won’t sleep at night knowing I won’t get an adult happy meal .”

Another fuming customer, Joannah Barnard said: “No happiness for the UK!”

Justin Humphreys wrote: “I imagine there must be a distinct lack of happy adults in the UK.”

Francesca Marston pointed out: “They should offer a smaller meal option for adults like a happy meal size though, not everybody can eat a full meal – elderly people or ones without a big appetite probably feel full up on a happy meal.”

People even began to joke about the toy that comes with a happy meal and some asked if they would get an ‘adult toy’ instead.

Barry Bridges joked: “I wonder what the toy will be” and in response Ash Houghton wrote: “UK wouldn’t allow the toy selection.”

McDonald’s is in fact launching a new range of free children’s Happy Meal toys after updating its monthly theme.

Previous Happy Meals included Dreamworks-themed and Mr Men-themed toys – but it’s different this month.

Children can now get The Smurfs Happy Meal toys from October and the range will involve characters including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and Blossom.

You can also choose a Smurf-themed Happy Meal book, including stories like Farther Smurf and the Weeds and The Litterbug Smurf.

The company also made their Ukrainian customers smile as many stores re-opened yesterday after temporarily closing in February.

The chain had restarted trading on a delivery-only basis last week but have now started to accept walk-in customers.

Yaroslav Holovatenko, of Kyiv, said: “This is a nice gift from McDonald’s.”