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McDonald's lança dois negócios AMANHÃ e você pode obter um quarto de libra por 99p

HUNGRY McDonald’s fans can tuck into two deals tomorrowincluding a quarter pounder with cheese for 99p.

You can get a breakfast roll too for just £1.99but you must have the McDonald’s app to get both deals.

McDonald's fans can save cash on their snacks tomorrow

McDonald’s fans can save cash on their snacks tomorrowCrédito: Getty

The deal is available tomorrow, Monday June 20.

From 5am – 11sou, which is when Macciesbreakfast menu runs, hungry diners can get a breakfast roll for £1.99.

It contains a sausage patty, Existem novas adições às opções de café da manhã, queijo, an egg, ketchup or brown sauce in a roll.

It’s usually around £2.29which means you can make a 30p saving.

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The deal ends when the lunch menu kicks in at 11ambut there’s another offer to replace it.

You’ll be able to get a quarter pounder with cheese for 99pit’s usually around £3.49which means you’ll be making a £2.50 saving.

But to get the deals, you have to have the McDonald’s aplicativo.

It’s is free to download via Google Play or the App Store.

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You’ll need to include a few personal details in order to set up your account, such as your phone number and email address.

Once your account is live, head to the deals section of the app, and click on the offer.

The discount will be applied at the checkout.

In order to collect both of your Maccies snacks, head to your nearest branch to pick your meal up.

You can walk in and grab it, or use the drive-thru to get it.

It comes as McDonald’s has recently revamped its menu.

Although favourites including the popular McSpicy and Grand Big Mac have been ditched, some Italian-themed goodies will hit the menu.

Two new burgersthe new Italian Stack and the Crispy Chicken Italianohave hit the menu.

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A new tiramisu flavour McFlurry is on offer too, assim como mozzarella dippers.

Curious to see what it tastes like? The Sun’s Emily Downes got a sneak peak of what’s being served up and gives the low down on all the new flavours.

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