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What time does McDonald’s open? Les heures, drive-thru and delivery advice

BREAKFAST, livraison, drive-thru and moreMcDonald’s has a fix for whatever you need. But don’t worry if you don’t know what opens when.

We explain what services McDonald’s is running and the restaurant’s latest opening times.

You can grab breakfast, livraisons, drive-thru orders and more at McDonald's - here's when they open

You can grab breakfast, livraisons, drive-thru orders and more at McDonald’shere’s when they open

What time does McDonald’s open?

Store hours can vary between locations so it’s best to check when your local branch is open using the chain’s restaurant locator.

Dans certains endroits, McDonald’s can be open 24 heures par jour.

That is usually the case for larger restaurants located at service stations or retail parks, while the McDonald’s you find on the high street may shut earlier at midnight, or even 10pm.

If your local isn’t open 24 les heures, it might start at 5am or 6am for breakfast service.

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Does McDonalds deliver and how much is delivery?

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Does McDonalds deliver and how much is delivery?

What time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast?

McDonald’s serves breakfast until 11am at all of their restaurants in the UK. It was previously 10:30am until November 2019.

It recently made a huge change to their breakfast menu by scrapping their bagels and wraps.

toutefois, it has hinted it will be adding new items to their morning menu later this year.

You can eat in or order food by going through a drive-thru – [object Window], you can get your goods delivered home too.

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We can’t sit in our garden anymore as our neighbour’s extension blocks the sun

Take-away apps Uber Eats et Just Eat will deliver your Macciesmeals depending on your location but it isn’t available on Deliveroo.

You can also download the My McDonald’s app onto a smartphone and order food for delivery or to pick-up at one of its restaurants directly with the chain.

You don’t just have to dine in when you visit either, simply choose a walk-in takeaway and you can dine al fresco at restaurants that have seating outdoors if you fancy.

How does McDonald’s drive-thru work?

McDonald’s drive-thru option is available as long as the restaurant is open, just drive into the right lane and place your order to go.

Most are open 24 hours but this can vary between locations.

McDonald’s also delivers food to your car so you can skip the drive-thru queue tout à fait.

You can use the My McDonald’s app to pre-order your food and pick it up by parking in one of the allocated bays for collection.

How do I get McDonald’s delivered?

McDonald’s works with both Uber Eats et Just Eat for delivery ordersbut not all restaurants offer both services.

You should also keep in mind that you’ll pay a delivery charge on top of your order.

This usually depends on how far away from the le restaurant tu es.

Enter your postcode on Uber Eats and Just Eat to see if McDonald’s delivery is available to you, as some areas aren’t included at all.

You can also order food through the My McDonald’s appli.

It can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play, and it doesn’t cost extra to click and collect.

The app is worth getting as you can get great weekly deals. Previous offers have included free hot drinks and 20% off orders.

We explain McDonald’s breakfast serving times in more detail.

Plus, you can find out what toy will come in your child’s McDonald’s Happy Meal this month.

And The Sun’s Emily Downes tried the latest additions to the menu including halloumi fries, tiramisu McFlurry and a burger that tastes like lasagna.

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