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Eco-guerreiro 'PRESIDO’ depois de derramar cocô no memorial Cpt Tom – como o pai saiu 'envergonhado’

COPS have arrested an eco-warrior who filmed herself pouring human poo over a memorial to Captain Sir Tom Moore, leaving her dadsick with shock”.

Maddie Budd, 21, staged the disgusting stunt in a sick protest against private jets, which saw her drench the monument in urine and excrement.

Maddie Budd, 21, sparked fury after pouring human poo over a memorial to Sir Captain Tom

Maddie Budd, 21, sparked fury after pouring human poo over a memorial to Sir Captain Tom
Maddie was today arrested in London, according to members of her group

Maddie was today arrested in London, according to members of her group
Captain Sir Tom Moore fans believe the stunt was hugely disrespectful

Captain Sir Tom Moore fans believe the stunt was hugely disrespectfulCrédito: PA
Budd was protesting against private jets - and the group claim she has been arrested

Budd was protesting against private jetsand the group claim she has been arrested

Sir Tom, the 100-year-old World War II veteran who raised £33million for the NHS, died in February 2021.

Former medical student Budd was last night slammed for disrespecting the lockdown hero while protesting on behalf of pressure group End UK Private Jets.

And now the group has claimed cops have arrested Budd after the disgusting stunt.

A spokesperson for the group told The Sun: “I was in London at another protest with Maddie.

“We were walking away very calmly after everything and we got separated.

“I left but she was then stopped and searched.

“She was escorted away by 18 policiais.

“My understanding was that these police officers had been sent to find her specifically.

“They had been sent to go look for her in the crowd. Lucky for them we were walking towards them.

I believe it was on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

The Sun has contacted Met Police and Derbyshire Police for comment.

Budd filmed herself pouring a canister of number twos on top of the memorial earlier today.

Ela disse: “Every time one [private jet] takes off, it pours a bucket of s**t and blood onto everything that Captain Tom stood for.

“People are going to say that he’s a hero, people are going to say that this is profoundly, obscenely disrespectful to his life, and to the NHS he stood up for and I agree.”

It comes after her father this morning told how he is ashamed of his university dropout daughter.

Falando para Mail Online the dad-of-six said: “I’m ashamed of her and what she has done. There has been a big public reaction for obvious reasons. I don’t think she understands what the hell she was unleashing.

She’s done something horrible without thinking of the consequences.

I felt sick with shock when I saw itI have sent her a text message but she has not replied.

It goes against all the things you install in your childrenit is not normal behaviour. I’m extremely sad. The fact is she has sort of gone rogue.

During the first UK Covid lockdown from March 23, 2020, a determined Captain Tom set out to raise money for his beloved NHS.

The war veteran’s aim was to walk 100 laps of the 82ft loop in his garden with the aid of a walking frame in Marston Moretaine, Beds., in 10-lap chunks.

He achieved his feat on the morning of April 16.

The NHS champ then vowed to keep on walking while people were still donating.

Como um resultado, Captain Tom went on to raise £32,796,355 for NHS charitiesand won admirers around the globe.

Budd’s stunt prompted a rush of outrage on social media.

One person wrote on Twitter: “How will this convince people to earn private jet use?’ escreveu um usuário do Twitter.

“It looks like a child throwing a disgusting tantrum and being beyond disrespectful. This kind of behaviour will not convince anyone to make any changes.”

Another person, who claims to have gifted the memorial, said they will be pushing the police to press charges.

Eles disseram: “We will work with the police to ensure this is taken as far as possible.”

Yesterday it was revealed that Lionel Messi took 52 trips on his private jet in three months causing 150 years worth of CO2 to be released.

Messi leases a stunning £12million luxury jet for his travels, and he often lends it to his family and friends too.

In a foul mouthed statement to The Sun, a spokesperson for End UK Private Jets said: “People feel bad about poo on memorials, which is fair enough, but when it’s young people feeling bad about having our futures destroyed and forced into extinction, nobody gives a f**k.

The Sun has also contacted the Captain Tom Foundation for comment.