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Ecco un hack Samsung che ti consente di vedere i vecchi messaggi eliminati

IT is possible to finhd old deleted messages on Samsung devices thanks to a cheeky hidden feature, a user has revealed.

A phone boffin, who runs the TikTok page @gadgetsinnepall, says the process is simpleand only requires you to follow a few basic steps.

A Tech guru says users can recover old deleted messages on their Samsung device

A Tech guru says users can recover old deleted messages on their Samsung deviceCredito: TikTok @gadgetsinnepal
They can be viewed in settings under notification settings

They can be viewed in settings under notification settingsCredito: TikTok @gadgetsinnepal

In una clip, which has since been liked more than 966k times, the tech guru says you need to go into your phone and select settings.

Then type notification history into your search bar and select notification history from the drop-down menu.

From there you can choose to turn on recent and snoozed notifications.

Then if “anybody deletes any messages, you can find out what it was,” the TikToker said.

Hanno aggiunto: “Just go back to notification history, scroll down and you can find all messages before they were deleted.”

Users in the comments were overjoyed by the useful find, branding the hack “amazing.”

Un utente ha detto: “I’m very happy right now.

“I’m grateful,” another added.

“Thanks for your help,” a third penned.

While a fourth wrote: “I’d recommend his services.”

La settimana scorsa, it was also revealed that iPhone users had the ability to recover deleted texts thanks to a brand-new feature.

Mela recently updated every i phone with the ability to bring deleted messages back from the dead.

You can recover any message that was deleted fewer than 30 giorni fa.

Sadly if a message was deleted more than 30 giorni fa, it’s automatically cleared forever.

But the good news is that recovering messages is extremely simple.

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