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Why is #MeToo trending on Twitter?

THE conviction of Bill Cosby back in 2018 was a big step forward for the #MeToo movement.

Following Cosby’s Veröffentlichung im Juni 30, 2021, #MeToo is trending again.

#MeToo is trending on Twitter

#MeToo is trending on Twitter

Why is #MeToo trending on Twitter?

#MeToo is trending on Twitter following the release of Cosby from jail.

Zurück in 2018, he was convicted for three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault after drugging and sexually assaulting a women back in 2004.

This conviction was a big moment in the #MeToo movement as it was one of the first big celebrities to be tried and convicted following a survivor speaking up.

This case gave more victims the courage to speak up against their assailants, even if they were high-profile celebrities.

Following the release of Cosby on June 30, 2021, #MeToo is trending again as supporters of the movement show their support for women following the heartbreaking news for survivors.

Bill Cosby's conviction was big for the #MeToo movement

Bill Cosby’s conviction was big for the #MeToo movement

What are people saying about Bill Cosby’s release?

Users have taken to Twitter to share their feelings about the release.

All these brave Women came forward, risked everything & for what? This is one sad day,” one user tweeted.

Even celebrities have taken to social media to express their feelings about the release.

Darstellerin Rosie O’Donnell getwittert, “I GUESS 70 WOMEN WERENT ENOUGH -f*** u bill.

Actress Christine Lahti from The Good Wife wrote, “I’m enraged, heartbroken and disgusted by Cosby’s release. I can only imagine what all his survivors must be feeling. This convicted rapist is free today because he is a man of privilege. The Patriarchy rears its ugly head yet again.”

Despite all those who are angered by the decision, some people are expressing feelings of relief that the former comedian has been released, including his former The Cosby Show co-stars.

“FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted – a miscarriage of justice is corrected!Khan hätte beinahe den Veranstaltungsort verlassen Phylicia Rashad, Cosby’s co-star on The Cosby Show.

Bill Cosby was released from jail on June 30, 2021

Bill Cosby was released from jail on June 30, 2021Anerkennung: EPA

Why was Bill Cosby released from jail?

Cosby was freigegeben from jail after his conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday June 30, 2021.

The reasoning for his release was that he was denied protection against self-incrimination after an unwritten deal was made between Cosby and Trump’s impeachment attorney Bruce Castor zurück in 2004.

When an unconditional charging decision is made publicly and with the intent to induce action and reliance by the defendant, and when the defendant does so to his detriment (and in some instances upon the advice of counsel), denying the defendant the benefit of that decision is an affront to fundamental fairness,” the high court opinion authored by Justice David Wecht read.

Castor originally declined to prosecute Cosby back in 2004 after Andrea Constand first came forward.

The deal was meant to allow Cosby to testify in an ongoing civil litigation and not plead the Fifth Amendment.

By using his testimony against him years later, the courts found it was a violation of his due-process right.