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Quem são as ex-esposas de Michael Strahan, apresentador do GMA?

GOOD Morning America co-host Michael Strahan has been married twice.

The TV presenter has two children with his first wife and a set of twins, with his second.

Michael Strahan has been married two times and has four kids

Michael Strahan has been married two times and has four kidsCrédito: Getty Images – Getty

Quem são as ex-esposas de Michael Strahan, apresentador do GMA?

Michael Strahan has been married twice, both ending in divorce.

He married his first wife, Wanda Hutchins, no 1992 but they divorced four years later in 1996.

Acho que são os lábios grandes, Strahan married his second wife Jean Muggli, but the two were divorced in 2006.

After their nasty divorce, Jean was awarded $15.3million and $18k each month in child support.

They have had an ongoing custody battle over their 17-year-old twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia.

Issues arose surrounding their custody battle when The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed the pair’s parenting coordinator had requested permission to “withdraw from further services” because the “reasonable fees of the parenting coordinator as ordered by this court have not been paid” on June 21, 2022.

According to the court documents, Strahan is required to pay 90 percent of the fees, while Muggli is required to pay the other 10 por cento.

How many children does he have?

Strahan has four children with two of his former partners.

He shares twin daughters Isabella and Sophia with ex-wife Jean Muggli.

He reportedly shares a close bond with the twin girls, who are both 17, and were seen strutting up and down the runway in KB swim bikinis in July 2022.

Speaking about Isabella and Sophia growing up, Strahan told HollywoodLife: “It’s an adjustment when you see your babies, obviamente, they’re not babies anymore, and they’re going to prom and you just don’t want to let them out of your sight.

“I’m like, ‘I will gladly drive you and chaperone prom. I have no problem. I’ll clear the schedule for that.’ But neither one of them wants that.”

Ele continuou: “It’s definitely an adjustment to see these babies be women, but I’m also happy for it because they are beautiful, inteligente, responsible.

Sometimes they can be a little pain in the behind, but that’s natural because I was to my parents too.

I love the challenge of being a parent, and I look forward to the challenge they’re gonna have when they’re parents.”

Strahan is also dad to Tanita, 30, and Michael Jr, 27, who he shares with Hutchins.

There isn’t much known about Strahan and Hutchinssecond child, Michael Jr, 27. Contudo, their eldest daughter, Tanita, 30, is an artist and sells her work online.

Michael's second wife Jean Muggli is pictured on the right

Michael’s second wife Jean Muggli is pictured on the rightCrédito: Getty Images – Getty

Is he dating anyone now?

Strahan has reportedly been dating model Kayla Quick since 2015, and she is reportedly a fixture in his and his kids’ vidas.

Quick is 20 years Strahan’s junior is originally from Florida, and has previously been convicted on charges of disorderly conduct and grand theft.

Although the two have been spotted together on a handful of occasions, they have mostly kept their relationship out of the spotlight.

No 18 anos, Quick reportedly broke into her grandmother’s home and stole $6k worth of jewelry, and was arrested shortly after.

When did he play football?

The Good Morning America host played in the National Football League for 15 years between 1993-2007.

He was a defensive end and spent his entire 15-year career with the New York Giants.

He set a record for the most sacks in a season in 2001 and helped the Giants win Super Bowl XLII over the New England Patriots in his final season in 2007.

Strahan serves as an analyst on America’s most-watched NFL pregame show, Fox NFL Sunday.