MAKING sure your baby is well and happy is paramount.

Parents can spend hours burping their baby and trying to help them with uncomfortable trapped wind.

The mum of four's baby son was soothed by expert Lucy

The mum of four’s baby son was soothed by expert Lucyクレジット: チクタク / enchantednanny

上手, this hack may just sort that painful problem forever.

チクタク, The Enchanted Nanny took her baby son to see Osteopath Lucy at The Practice in Ferndown and shared a trick to help any baby suffering with gas issues.

Instead of ‘polishingyour babies tummy or rubbing it in a circular motion, there is a better way to offer relief.

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In the video the nurse explains that the ‘polishingmotion does absolutely nothing and that parents should create some movement with their babies digestion.

She explains as she demonstrates that you need to take a nice wide grip on babies middle and then slowly move them clockwise.

Lucy said: “If tummies don’t get the chance for movement then the milk can move too slowly through there and then it can ferment and create wind in their tummies and that then is painful.

A lot of people will talk about bicycle legs, bringing the legs up but if they are in discomfort that can be helpful.




ハリー「惨めな’ 彼が望んでいたものからはほど遠い米国での新しい生活として’ 専門家は言う

In the rest of the time you want to get as much space in the tummy as possible because it gives everything a chance to move around.

Lift him up and move him in a figure of 8,Osteopath Lucy said as she showed how to do it on the baby.

The Enchanted Nanny describes herself as: “A mum of 4 humans who’s nannied for 17 年。”

She captioned the video with: “Digestive help for colicky babies or trapped wind.

The helpful video got 2.6 million views with many observing her son’s calmness, as one saw: “Look at the relief on his face,” そして: “That baby looks so relaxed.

While another got envious, 言って: “正直なところ, that looks like it would feel good to me too.

Some even wanted to try it on their adult partners, as they said: “I’ll try with my 372 month old boyfriend.

Another got the same ideas as they cheekily asked: “Does this work for gassy husbands too?”

The mum and nanny of 17 years said she had never seen her son looking so long

The mum and nanny of 17 years said she had never seen her son looking so longクレジット: チクタク / enchantednanny
Lucy gently demonstrated the techniques on the baby boy

Lucy gently demonstrated the techniques on the baby boyクレジット: チクタク / enchantednanny
Lengthening out and creating space on your baby's tummy will help with trapped gas

Lengthening out and creating space on your baby’s tummy will help with trapped gasクレジット: チクタク / enchantednanny

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