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Love Island bosses ‘draft in ANOTHER bombshell to turn Millie’s head from Liam

LOVE Island bosses have drafted in another male bombshell in a bid to turn Millie’s head.

The new hunk will arrive TONIGHT and plans to woo the fashion buyer, following her tumultuous journey with Liam.

A new bombshell is set to arrive in a bid to turn Millie's head

A new bombshell is set to arrive in a bid to turn Millie’s headCrédito: Eroteme
The couple have had a difficult few weeks

The couple have had a difficult few weeks

An insider told the Correo en línea: “Producers are doing everything they can to maintain the excitement of the last few weeks following Casa Amor.

“Some of the couples seem settled in their relationships, but with bombshells still coming in, heads could be turned.”

The Sun Online has contacted ITV for comment.

It is just two weeks until the finaland it hasn’t been unknown for a late arrival to win the show.

Greg O’Shea famously won alongside Amber Gill in 2019 después de solo 15 days in the villa.

Millie and Liam have had a roller-coaster time in the villa after Millie, 24, found out about Liam’s behaviour with Lillie in Casa Amorand was left heartbroken.

Liam, 21, has spent more than a week trying to win back Millie’s affections, declaring his feelings for her in front of their friends and leaving a poem on her bed for her.

But on Sunday, Millie agreed to go exclusive with him after sharing a passionate kiss in bed.

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Liam admitted to the boys: “I would like to make her my girlfriend in here, just waiting for the right time. I don’t want to rush things.”

Mas tarde, the pair had a chat on the bean bags and Liam said: “I’ve got a lot of plans and I want to do them with you.”

Millie dijo: “I’m happy that we’re able to get back on track again.”

Liam replied: "Entonces, so happy.”

Millie then added: “Obviously we had a little kiss last night… I feel like the kisses before were because we just really fancied each other.

We just had that sexual attraction for each other and then that [kiss last night] meant more to me than any other kiss that we had.”

Delighted, Liam dijo: “I asked you a few days ago, do you see a future with us, you said you don’t know. Do you see a future with us now?"

Smiling, Millie respondió: "Si” and Liam replied: “That makes me happy.”

The pair are now exclusive but could Millie's head be turned?

The pair are now exclusive but could Millie’s head be turned?

Love Island’s Millie and Liam become exclusive as she takes him back after his Casa Amor betrayal

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