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Los fanáticos de EE desconsolados cuando la terrible experiencia de violación de Ben Mitchell toma otro giro desgarrador

EASTENDERSfans were left devastated for Ben Mitchell after the latest news about his rape ordeal.

The police informed Ben that his rapist, Lewis Butler, pleaded that their sex was consensual in Monday’s episode of the jabón de la bbc.

Ben and Callum get an update about Ben's rape ordeal

Ben and Callum get an update about Ben’s rape ordealCrédito: BBC

The informant told Ben that Lewis has been arrested.

Husband Callum was delighted saying it wasgreat news.

But then he continued to say Lewis has been granted bail andhe is saying it was consensual.

A frustrated Ben reacted: “Of course he is.

Callum tried to reassure Ben saying: “At least he is in the system now.

But Ben replied: “Si. What good is that if he’s gonna get off?”

Callum responded: “Come on Ben you said it yourself. It’s going to be a long and tough process.

Viewers felt for Ben as his rape ordeal got more complicated.

Tomando a Twitter, uno dijo: “A reunion is still a VERY long way for Ben and Callum. This is the first step of a very long road.

Otro escribió: “Ben needed that, loving this scene

Un tercero escrito: “Wasn’t expecting Lewis to be arrested but that’s great to hear!”

Will Ben finally get the justice he deserves?

Also in the episode, Phil Mitchell nearly kicked a man to death who was harassing his sister Sam Mitchell.

The man was demanding money from Sam which she owed but didn’t have.

Phil saw the man and ordered him to “él decide que está tan enamorado de ella que quiere proponerle matrimonio” before punching him in the face and repeatedly kicking him on the ground.

Sam ordered Phil to “para, you’re gonna kill him!”

Phil shouted: “You show your face around here again and you’re dead.

But then Phil questioned Sam about why the man called hera snake.

Shirley Carter answered: “Because she has been mugging you off for months.

Can Sam explain herself to Phil?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm en BBC One.

Phil regrets defending Sam

Phil regrets defending SamCrédito: BBC
Shirley enlightens Phil to Sam's scheming

Shirley enlightens Phil to Sam’s schemingCrédito: BBC

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