DARING contestants will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to win an unlimited cash prize alongside Ant and Dec in their new game show.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new fast-paced show, Limitless Win.

Contestants will have the opportunity to win an unlimited cash prize in Ant and Dec's new game show

Contestants will have the opportunity to win an unlimited cash prize in Ant and Dec’s new game showクレジット: ITV
The new ITV series is the Geordie duo, Ant and Dec's first new show in over ten years

The new ITV series is the Geordie duo, Ant and Dec’s first new show in over ten yearsクレジット: ITV

How much can you win on Limitless Win?

新しい ITV series is the Geordie duo’s first new show in over ten years.

Their last quiz show, Red or Black, proved to be a massive “フロップ”.

As the title suggests, the prize pot for the new show islimitless” – meaning there is no limit to how much contestants can win.

Contestants will answer a range of questions in order to climb a never-ending お金 ladder for the chance to win a huge cash prize.

Push their luck too far, and the contestant will crash out of the game and lose it all.

Host アント・マクパートリン told PA news agency: “We did worry that we were going to bankrupt ITV.

“I think ours [公演] is different because the answer to every question is a number, and it’s very simple, and everyone can play along.





“You don’t have to be the brains of Britain.

And with other quiz shows, suddenly when you get into very serious money, the answers become impossible to play along with, but with this, you can have a stab at everyone.

“And what makes it different is it’s the world’s first limitless jackpot.

That’s the selling point for us, and that’s what hooked us in, is the fact there’s no top prize, and if you played this game right, you could win millions upon millions of pounds.”

デクラン・ドネリー then quipped they would have to call fellow TV presenter Andi Peters, known for running cash competitions on ITV’s morning programmes, for “more prize money”.

When is Limitless Win on TV?

Limitless Win will air on start Saturday, 8th January at 8:30pm on ITV.

The episode will last an hour.

Five episodes will make up the first series of the new game show.

The show will be available to stream on ITV Hub once it’s aired.

Applications for the show opened back in September 2021. Sadly this has now closed, and you can no longer apply to be on the series.

だが, if Limitless Win proves to be a big hit, you will be able to apply for the 2023 series later in 2022.

How much has been won so far on Limitless Win?

The first winners of Ant and Dec’s new game show managed to take home whopping £500,000.

Husband and intensive care doctor Will and midwife Kathryn were able to answer a final nail-biting question correctly, with the risk of losing £100,000.

The couple said they are going to give away at least £50,000 to charities and then they will take their family on holiday.

They also plan to buy a house as well as a campervan they’ve always wanted.

先週, shop owner Tony and his physiotherapist son Zee took on the new quiz and were on a winning streak, answering general knowledge questions correctly.

They eventually cashed out at an eye-watering £250,000.