A MUM has told how she was left without any money for weeks after her bank accidentally registered her DEAD.

Natalie Holdsworth, 30, was shocked to learn ハリファックス closed her account in May last year thinking she was deceasedwhen it was actually her grandmother who had died.

Natalie Holdsworth's bank account was shut after Halifax wrongly believed she was deceased

Natalie Holdsworth’s bank account was shut after Halifax wrongly believed she was deceasedクレジット: NBプレス株式会社
It was actually Natalie's grandmother, Eileen McEvoy, who had died

It was actually Natalie’s grandmother, Eileen McEvoy, who had diedクレジット: NBプレス株式会社
She was left without any money for weeks

She was left without any money for weeksクレジット: NBプレス株式会社

The mum-of-three had been taking care of her nan, Eileen McEvoy, and her gran’s pension had been going into Natalie’s account every four weeks.

But when Ms McEvoy passed on May first, 2021, her bank somehow thought it was Natalie who had died.

ナタリー, from Bridlington, ザ・サンに語った: “It was about the 17th of May, that’s when I had first realised that I had been registered dead.

“I had gone to Tesco and when I tried to pay my card said it was suspended on the card machine.

“I thought ‘oh well that’s strange’. I had money on it so I was confused.

“I came out of Tescos and I rang the bank straight away and it asked me to enter my sort code account number and all of that.

“All of a sudden I heard a ringtone. This lady answered the phone and she was like ‘Hi you’re through to the bereavement line’.

“I told her who I was and then she said ‘oh I’ve got it down that you passed away on May first’.

“I said ‘pardon?’. I was so shocked. I said ‘well I’m clearly not dead because I’m on the phone to you’.”

Natalie explained to bank staff that it was her granny who had diedand after three hours on the phone, they said they would get her account back up and running.

But it took weeks for her new card to arrive and be set up.

ナタリー 彼は言った: “Then the next problem was that I owed the funeral directors money for my nanny’s funeral.

“I told them what had happened and I was crying and upset because I owed them all the money.

“I asked them to help me but they said they’d never heard of anything like this happening before.

“I had to get an emergency loan from the council and rely on my family and my partner’s family for money. It was absolutely ridiculous.”

Once Natalie’s bank account was back up and running she went back to Halifax to try to seek compensation for the distress they caused her.

But she was shocked when she learned how little they were offering her.

彼女は説明した: “They offered me £11 to cover the three-hour phone call I had made previously.

“I thought they were joking. £11 for all the stress and hassle that they had caused me.

I said ‘well I’m clearly not dead because I’m on the phone to you’.

Natalie Holdsworth

“When I pushed then he said he could offer me £73.

“I said no that’s still not cutting it. I’m not happy with what they had done to me.

The Financial Ombudsman has reviewed the case twice and has paid £1,289 to settle the complaint.

But Natalie believes the amount is not fairas she is still experiencing problems as a result of their error.

彼女は言いました: “To be honest with all the hassle they’ve put me through it’s just not enough.

“Since then I’ve just had a massive issue. I can’t get credit, I can’t get anything on finance.

“Even catching up with my bills is hard work after having to go that long without money.”

A Halifax spokesperson: “We were very sorry to hear of Miss Holdsworth’s loss and understand the distress and inconvenience the issue with her account will have caused at such a difficult time.

When Miss Holdsworth contacted us, we immediately removed the block and issued a new card which arrived in less than a week, and agreed to cover any costs incurred.

We also made an additional payment in recognition of her experience.”