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Gli inglesi possono guadagnare centinaia rivendendo giocattoli per l'infanzia tra cui Monopoli e Lego

BRITS can make hundreds of pounds of extra cash by reselling childhood toys including Monopoly and Lego sets.

Teddy bears and Barbies are also among the toys that can sell for much more than their original price.

Monopoly boards can sell for a lot more than the original price

Monopoly boards can sell for a lot more than the original price

How much you can sell things for depends on the quality and age of the item, so you’re not guaranteed to make money.

Toys that are in good condition and in their original packaging tend to have a higher resell price.

You’re also more likely to make a profit if the item you’re advertising is limited edition or rare, as collectors will spend more.

Monopoly boards

Pre-war Monopoly sets can sell for £100, il Posta in linea segnalato.

You can check the age of the set as it came with different pieces including an iron, thimble, cannon, purse, lantern and rocking horses.

Some of them have sold for as much as £800.

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Mum finds £5,000 in her Aldi chocolate bar


Mum finds £5,000 in her Aldi chocolate bar

We previously wrote about an artist who had sold his rare collection of Monopoly boards for £9,000.

Teddy bears

Teddy bears can also sell for a lot more than the original price tag, but only a few brands will make hundreds.

According to the Mail Online, early Edwardian Steiffs are the most valuable – going for as much as £500.

Teddy bear maker Merrythought, based in Shropshire, sells its oldest bears for £100.

Remember that vintage teddies are fine for older collectors but shouldn’t be given as toys to younger children as they don’t have the same health and safety standards.


In precedenza, an unopened The Beatles Yellow Submarine set sold for £160but were on sale for £55 in shops just five years before.

A Café Corner set, which cost £90 in 2007, now sells for up to £2,000.

A recent study found that Lego could be a better investment than gold, art and financial securities.

The secondary market for old sets surges by 11 per cent annually — which is faster and less volatile than bullion, stocks and bonds on average.

But returns vary from minus 50% to more than 600%, depending on each product so make sure you do your research before investing.

Sets that are based on popular landmarks, films or seasonal holidays have the highest annual growth, the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia, trovato.

Unpacked sets, particularly rare ones that were limited edition or produced a long time ago, also do well.

The most expensive include Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon and Death Star II, as well as the Taj Mahal.


Even Barbie dolls can sell for hundreds of pounds if you’ve got the right ones.

An early version of the popular dollwith Barbie wearing a black and white swimming costumecan sell for £8,000.

When the 62-year-old toy was first on sale it went for £1.70.

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