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I accidentally sent my date a text meant for my friendI was mortified

A TIKTOKER was left mortified after accidentally sending an insulting text message to her date, right before he was due to take her out.

Genevieve Klinker took to social media to share a screenshot of the awkward conversation she had with the unfortunate love-interest.

One woman accidentally sent her date the wrong text before he picked her up

One woman accidentally sent her date the wrong text before he picked her upCrédito: TikTok/genevieveklinker

He had texted her about their plans, pidiendo: “Britney sorprende a los fanáticos cuando la cantante se desnuda completamente en nuevas fotos 6 still going to work for you by the way?”

She nicely responded: “Yes that should be perfect!”

But disaster struck when she then sent him another message that was supposed to go to a friend.

Leyó: “Nope he looks ugly in his Instagrams hahaha I’ll just show you if he Snapchats me when I’m in town.

Genevieve said that she hysterically sobbed after realizing what she had done.

Although the video did not show all of the man’s replies, she said that hecould not have been nicerabout the blunder.

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In parts of the messages that can be seen, he uses the laughing reaction, and then responds with: “Hahah good…”

Más adelante en la conversación, viewers can partially see him say: “Oh my God if I had a nickel for every time that’s happened to me.

He then followed up with: “Like I’ve never texted the wrong person lol.

Genevieve said that he didn’t care about the mishap but instead thought it was funny.

And she revealed that the two went on multiple dates after the texting incident.

One user defended Genevieve in the situation, dicho: “This is lowkey a compliment though, saying he’s good looking in person, so not too bad lol.

If you say you’ve never told your friends a guy looks better in person you’re lying,” ella dijo.

In a similar incident, one woman accidentally received a text from her Bumble date, where he called her asolid fourand made harsh comments about her appearance.

The man thought it was funny and they continued to go on dates

The man thought it was funny and they continued to go on datesCrédito: TikTok/genevieveklinker

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