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Gemma Atkinson si è commossa fino alle lacrime per un gesto straordinario dopo il dolore della famiglia

FORMER Strictly star Gemma Atkinson grew tearful yesterday over a fan’s touching gesture in memory of her late dad.

The actress and radio star, 36, shared a message from an Instagram follower who told her she would be running the Maratona di Londra in his memory.

Gemma Atkinson's dad David died in 2002

Gemma Atkinson’s dad David died in 2002Credito: Instagram
One of Gemma's fans moved her to tears with this message

One of Gemma’s fans moved her to tears with this messageCredito: Instagram

David Atkinson died from a heart attack aged 52 quando Gemma was just 17.

The fan wrote: “I am running for the BHF [Fondazione britannica per il cuore] quest'anno. It would be an honour to add your dad’s name to my ‘in memory of’ elenco.

I am writing these names on my arm as the inspiration to keep me going.

It is my first marathon after only having a baby last year it’s going to be a tough race but so worth it for the work the British Heart Foundation do…

Gemma was moved by the kind words and added: “And now I’m crying.… My dad was called David Atkinson. Thank you so much.

The ex-Emmerdale star spoke about her dad’s death on Steph’s Packed Lunch earlier this year.

Lei disse: “It was a huge shock for my older sister Nina and I to lose our dad when he was so young.

He was fit and healthy and strong and he was the last person you’d expect to collapse with a heart problem.

Doctors said that they thought the cause was stress related. Al tempo, he was very fit and healthy, didn’t smoke and drank occasionally.

He managed a company and was working a lot and travelling all over the world.

Ha continuato: “He’d had chest pains he thought was indigestion, so took heartburn tablets and carried on.

Looking back now, and thanks to my work with the British Heart Foundation, these were classic warning signs that something was wrong.

If he had gone to the doctors perhaps he could have been investigated and they could have helped him in time.

Gemma has been raising awareness around the warning signs of heart problems

Gemma has been raising awareness around the warning signs of heart problems