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¿Por qué Ed Mullins es tendencia en Twitter??

ED Mullins is known as the former union head of the New York Police Department.

En octubre 5, 2021, Mullins started trending on Twitter following an FBI raid at his office which ended in his resignation.

Ed Mullins is known as the union head of the NYPD

Ed Mullins is known as the union head of the NYPDCrédito: AP

Who is Ed Mullins?

Mullins is known as a Nueva York police officer and has been on the force since 1982.

En 2002, he was elected president of the sergeants union and had served as both a NYPD sergeant and as the union chief, collecting salaries from both positions.

ABC Noticias reported that in 2020, Mullins made more than $220,000 between the two positions.

Mullins is currently in the middle of a department disciplinary proceeding that started in 2020 after he tweeted NYPD paperwork about the arrest de Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter while attending a protest over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

The trial began in September of 2021 but was later postponed indefinitely after one of his lawyers suffered a medical emergency.

En este momento, it remains unclear when the trail will resume again.

¿Por qué Ed Mullins es tendencia en Twitter??

As Mullins awaits trial, the FBI was seen raiding his offices and home in Port Washington, Long Island.

FBI spokesperson Martin Feely told the Associated Press that agents were “carrying out a law enforcement action in connection with an ongoing investigation.”

Following the raid, de Blasio was then asked about it but revealed to reporters that he didn’t have enough information to comment on the situation.

“I think he’s been a divisive voice,” de Blasio said of Mullins via the AP. “But that doesn’t cause me to feel anything in this situation because I don’t know what’s happening. All I hear is an FBI raid. I don’t know the specifics, I don’t know who it’s directed at. I want to really hear the details before I comment further.”

After the news was revealed, Mullins then started trending on Twitter with many people commenting on the raid and bringing up the time he was interview by Fox News with a de los resultados de las elecciones de Maine en un evento el mes pasado en Belfast mug in the background.

RT If you agree that anyone who believes in QAnon SHOULD NOT BE HIRED by a Police Department!” one user said.

Otro agregado, “The FBI also raided the home of NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association leader Ed Mullins. Mullins regularly espouses racist views and last June appeared on Fox News with a Qanon coffee mug unmistakably positioned towards the camera.

En octubre 5, 2021 FBI agents were seen removing boxes of evidence from Mullins' offices

En octubre 5, 2021 FBI agents were seen removing boxes of evidence from Mullins’ oficinasCrédito: AP

What has Ed Mullins said about the trial?

Since Mullins was accused, he has since denied any involvement in violating department guidelines.

According to his lawyers, Mullins has argued that arrest papers with Chiara de Blasio’s personal information were already posted online.

En respuesta, Mullins has since filed a lawsuit against the department, claiming they were trying to quiet him by grilling him and recommending disciplinary action over his tweet.

Following the raid, Mullins then resigned from his position at the sergeants union following the boards request.

This morning, as you are no doubt aware, agents with the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southen District of New York executed a search warrant at the headquarters of the Sergeants Benevolents Association and the residence of President Ed Mullins,” a message sent to members from the SBA Executive Board read.

The nature and scope of this criminal investigation has yet to be determined. sin embargo, it is clear that President Mullins is apparent the targe of the federal investigation.

The letter continued: “Given the severity of this matter and the uncertainty of its outcome, the SBA Executive Board has requested that President Mullins resigns from his position as SBA President. Esta noche, President Mullins has agreed to tender his resignation as President of the SBA.

Mullins has yet to comment on his resignation.

FBI raid the Manhattan headquarters of the NYC Sergeants Benevolent Association and the Long Island home of its controversial president Ed Mullins

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