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Young mum-of-two died after downing vodka &cocaine in eight-hour binge

A YOUNG mum-of-two was found dead after an eight-hour vodka and cocaine binge with friends, una investigación ha escuchado.

Tragic Zoe Whelan, 30, was found dead on the floor of a pal’s house after downing shots and snorting the class A drug during a house party.

Young mum Zoe Whelan was found dead at a friend's home after drinking and taking cocaine, una investigación ha escuchado

Young mum Zoe Whelan was found dead at a friend’s home after drinking and taking cocaine, una investigación ha escuchadoCrédito: Cavendish

And one guest at the bash in Stockport, Greater Manchester said Miss Whelan was “10 out of 10” borracho – and the most intoxicated person he’d ever seen.

Now the mum’s family have paid tribute to a “cuidando” y “burbujeante” woman who adored her children and loved horse-riding.

Her father Lewis Wells told the hearing in Stockport: “She was a bubbly girl who was very active.

She loved her horses and would often take her two children to the stables. She was very caring.

I miss her so much. It has broken my heartI’ll never forget her.

And he said he is now caring for the two children.

She loved her children very dearlynow they have no mother because of what they did to her, those druggies,” él dijo.

A post-mortem examination found Miss Whelan was four times the drink-drive limit when she died just three weeks before Christmas last year.

She had been at the home of close friend Lynsey McDonald, where she partied with pals.

'Bubbly and caring' Ms Whelan was taken to bed by friends - but later found unresponsive on the floor

‘Bubbly and caringMs Whelan was taken to bed by friendsbut later found unresponsive on the floorCrédito: Cavendish
Su padre, who is taking care of her children, told the hearing his daughter's death has 'broken his heart'

Su padre, who is taking care of her children, told the hearing his daughter’s death has ‘broken his heartCrédito: Cavendish

Miss McDonald told the inquest police raided the gathering at 10.30pm.

In the early hours of the morning, another friend, Gemma Smith, called the party host to invite her over.

I couldn’t as my children were in bed,” Miss McDonald said.

Zoe did not take any drugs at mine. I didn’t see her take any.

She said she was going home, but on video call, she was at Gemma’s.

Ms Smith said Miss Whelanhelped herselfto cocaine left out on a tableand admitted her friend wasreally intoxicated”.

At one point she was falling over and couldn’t stand up, so we took her upstairs for a lie-down,” ella dijo.

We just laid her on top of the covers. I can’t remember the position she was in.

It was only later when a male friend went to check on Miss Whelan that the group realised she’d died.


Guest Ashley Rigby told the inquest: “I was five out of 10 beber, but Zoe was 10 fuera de 10 borracho. She couldn’t stand up.

She was the most drunk I’ve ever seen anyone in my life.

When the trained lifeguard went to use the bathroom, he saw Miss Whelan lying on the floor and began giving her CPRbut she couldn’t be saved.

Recording a conclusion of drink and drug related death assistant coroner Lauren Costello said: ”Gemma and Zoe were drinking heavily with spirits in high volume.

“Zoe was very intoxicated, she was slurring her words and unable to stand up.

A decision was made for her to stop drinking and she was helped up to bed. I am satisfied all parties had consumed alcohol which has significantly impacted their recollection of what happened.

“Three empty snap bags of cocaine were found at the premises and it was clear Zoe had taken cocaine.

She was also four times the legal limit for driving from alcohol. I am satisfied the alcohol combined with the cocaine caused her to suffer cardio respiratory depression.