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Corrie fans disturbed as Kelly Neelan gets visions of her murdered dad Rick

CORONATION Street fans are disturbed after Kelly Neelan began seeing visions of her dead dad Rick tonight.

The teenagerwho is played by actress Millie Gibson in the ITV soapdiscovered last week that her dad was murdered by Gary Windass.

Corrie's Kelly has experienced visions of her dead dad Rick

Corrie’s Kelly has experienced visions of her dead dad RickCrédito: ITV
'Rick' urged Kelly to kill Gary

‘Rickurged Kelly to kill GaryCrédito: ITV

Thinking of Gary as a father, Kelly was rocked by the revelation from Sharon that he was the one who really killed her dadand not her mum.

And she made a shock decision to take the ultimate revenge.

In tonight’s episode of the soap Kelly began to see visions of her villainous dad Rick.

He encouraged her to get revenge on Gary, by killing him.

And so she first approached Todd Grimshaw to ask about his dodgy gangland contacts “for a friend”.

But when he knocked her back, Kelly realised she only had one person she could turn tothe man who kidnapped her.

With Kieron in police custody awaiting a formal identification from victim Kelly, she played dumb and insisted she didn’t know who he was.

And when he left the station, she was there with a demand of her own.

“I’m not some little girl, I’m Kelly Neelan,” she told Kieron after offering him £10,000 to murder Gary.

Kieron agreedbut forced Kelly to remain in the country to witness Gary’s death herself.

She agreed and handed over the cash electronically before repeating the words of her ghostly dad.

Fans are disturbed at the visions and return of Rick.

Um escreveu: “Kelly don’t listen to your dadhe’s dead.

Um segundo disse: “The ghost of dead daddy Rick putting ideas into Kelly’s head.

Outro adicionado: “Kelly sees dead people!”

'Rick' wants Kelly to get revenge on Gary for killing him

‘Rickwants Kelly to get revenge on Gary for killing himCrédito: ITV
Fans were disturbed by her visions

Fans were disturbed by her visionsCrédito: ITV