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Yoga teacher tells 999 call ‘I stabbed himafter ‘murderingex-cop lodger

THIS is the moment a woman accused of murdering her lodger told call operatorsI stabbed himin a chilling 999 call played to jurors.

Dawn Lewis, 53, allegedly stabbed Glenn Richards, 61, to death at her cottage in Glastonbury, Somerset, em abril 18.

Dawn Lewis is accused of murdering Glenn Richards

Dawn Lewis is accused of murdering Glenn RichardsCrédito: Elizabeth Cook

The former police officer had moved in with Lewis in 2011 after he left prison for killing his ex-wife, Bristol Crown Court was told.

Jurors heard how the pair had become friends 12 years earlier but they began arguing in the months leading to his death.

Em um 999 call played to the court, Lewis can be heard saying: “[object Window], I don’t know really what happened. He’s a lodger, I wanted to get him out. He said no.

I went to the door, he stabbed me in the leg, I took the knife off him, I stabbed him.

He fell down the stairsI stabbed him again, as he was trying to take the knife of me. and I called you.

The court was told earlier that day, the yoga teacher had video-called a friend and showed off an eight-inch knife.

Ela disse a ele: “Should I just go up to his bedroom and stab him and then stab myself a little bit and tell them he did this?”

Glenn died at the scene after suffering five deep stab wounds, while Lewis was treated for three light cuts.

One doctor said her injuriesdid not appear to fit the description of the attackand appearedself-inflicted”, o tribunal ouviu.

Jurors must decide whether she acted in self-defence or if the 999 call was a lie tocover a planned attack and set the scene to pretend she’d been acting in self-defence”.

O julgamento continua.