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Nadiya e Matt Goss di SStrictly si sono messi in mostra amichevole dopo la "faida".’ reclami

STRICLY Come Dancing star Matt Goss and his pro partner Nadiya Bychkova looked in high spirits as they left rehearsals yesterday.

Il paio, who fans are convinced are feuding, were seen hugging goodbye and smiling after training hard for this week’s dance.

Matt and Nadiya looked very happy after rehearsals

Matt and Nadiya looked very happy after rehearsalsCredito: Raw Image Ltd
The pair have been training hard for this week

The pair have been training hard for this weekCredito: Raw Image Ltd

On Saturday night they will be performing the Samba to the Bee Gee’s Night Fever – hoping to get higher scores than last week.

Matt, 53, felt he had been judged harshly as they landed second from bottom of the leaderboard.

But those watching at home also weren’t completely convinced about their partnership and speculated that it might not be completely rosy in their camp.

The feelings were further exasperated when fans spotted Matt appearing to ‘pull’ Inside A Place In The Sun, la casa con piscina da 2 milioni di sterline di Laura Hamilton into shot as the starts spoke to Claudia Winkleman.

One person mused: “So I have watched again when Matt Goss pulled Nadia into the camera spot that all are talking about. I sense many arguments between them too #strictly.”

Someone else suggested it might be tricky for Nadiya going forward: “Poor Nadia, I get the feeling that #MattGoss is gonna be hard work.#Strictly #strictlycomedancing.”

While another person hinted at issues, scrivere: “Matt Goss, we all just saw you pull Nadia Bychkova into shot, behind Hamza Yassin on #StrictlyComeDancing. Looked a bit controlling.”

And another person echoed that: “Really didn’t like what I just saw. It made Matt look controlling and desperate.”

It comes as body language expert Darren Stanton told The Sun that Matt intends to win the show and that he appears ‘intense’.

Egli ha detto: “It’s going to be interesting to see how far he goes.

“It’s clear he is a very determined and motivated person and as he’s used to being on stage and performing, we could see him go some way this series. Matt came over as being very genuine, he held fantastic eye contact with Nadiya.

“Matt may just be one to watch in the competition, he has a real intensity in his face, like he is on a mission.”

Nadiya hugged Matt goodbye

Nadiya hugged Matt goodbyeCredito: Raw Image Ltd
Fans were worried the pair were not getting on

Fans were worried the pair were not getting on
They made their debut last week

They made their debut last week