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Jess di MAFS UK inveisce in mostra per "narcisista e manipolatore".’ sposo

MARRIED At First Sight UK star Jess Potter has shared a furious rant over a “narcissistic” and “manipulative” groom on the show.

The star called him a “walking red flag” as she took to social media to air her views.

MAFS UK star Jess ranted about the ‘narcissistic, manipulative’ groom

MAFS UK star Jess ranted about the ‘narcissistic, manipulative’ groomCredito: Instagram
Jess said the groom's behaviour was 'triggering' and coined him a 'red flag'

Jess said the groom’s behaviour was ‘triggeringand coined him a ‘red flagCredito: Instagram

Jess is a 31-year-old dental hygienist who hails from Cambridgeshire, and hoping to find her dream match, the 31-year-old was put with Dreamboys stripper Pjay Finch.

tuttavia, she walked away from the programme as she admitted her marriage to him wasn’t going to work out.

Jess has now spoken about another groom on the show – George Roberts – who has allegedly now been accused of “emotional abuse” by three ex-girlfriends.

Discussing George, Jess said: “Do you know what is just so triggering with this whole George thing is we’re all on the outside watching it on TV and we can see how narcissistic and manipulative it is.

“Yet these experts are there, so shouldn’t they have noticed the signs? They’re meant to be looking after our welfare.

“And if we can see this and they can’t, I am just so confused about this.”

Jess continued to say she finds it all “triggering,"aggiungendo": “I’ve been in a relationship like that.”

The reality star continued: “I had no-one to speak up for me and say it’s not normal and not OK and I was stuck in that relationship for four years.

“It’s so sad to see that it’s happening on TV before our eyes and no-one is doing anything about it. What is actually going on? It’s ridiculous.

“I made a TikTok on it this morning and so many people are saying it’s a walking red flag so how are they letting this behaviour continue?"

Jess called for something to be done, as she added: “Someone has to be held accountable for it, it’s not ok.”

George’s three recent ex-girlfriends made independent complaints to police about his alleged “obsessive”, “manipulative” and “abusive” behaviour.

They are horrified that Roberts was able to wed a stranger on the show.

The women raised the alarm after seeing him in trailers for the current series of the E4 match-making show — but say their claims were ignored.

Roberts was selected by experts to take part in the current series of the show and wed ex Ms Great Britain April Banbury who he met at the altar for the first time.

Jess walked away from the programme as she admitted her marriage to Pjay wasn't going to work out

Jess walked away from the programme as she admitted her marriage to Pjay wasn’t going to work outCredito: Matt Monfredi / Canale 4