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Terrifying moment sports car races through red light & narrowly misses child

THIS is the terrifying moment a sports car raced through a red light, narrowly missing a child on a bike.

The Swindon Polisie uploaded the clip to Facebook, along with the bestuurder‘s punishmentwhich many are furious about.

A dash cam caught the heartstopping moment a speeding car narrowly missed hitting a child on a bike

A dash cam caught the heartstopping moment a speeding car narrowly missed hitting a child on a bikeKrediet: Swindon Police
The driver was convicted of careless driving and fined - which started an uproar online

The driver was convicted of careless driving and finedwhich started an uproar onlineKrediet: Swindon Police

In die video, captured on a dash cam, a car can be seen approaching a set of traffic lights as they change from green, to orange, to red.

Two young cyclists then start to make their way across the road when suddenly a silver convertible can be seen zooming along in the righthand lane.

One of the youngsters has already crossed the road, but the second is only halfway acrossand luckily spots the car speeding towards him.

The quick-thinking boy breaks suddenlystopping just inches from the car’s path.

The convertible’s break lights flash for less than a second as it zooms right past the boy, then slides around a righthand corner into another road.

The Swindon Police said Jody New, 45, was driving the car, and had pleaded guilty to careless driving.

The cops said New was handed a fine of £307, £34 victim surcharge, £110 costs to Wiltshire Policeand his licence endorsed with six points.

Maar, many on sosiale media thought the consequences should have been greater.

Een persoon het gesê: “Fined! Should have been locked up for that!”

To which someone mirrored: “Fined!!! That’s dangerous bloody driving . Glad no one was hurt.

Nog een het bygevoeg: “He didn’t narrowly miss the child, the child was so switched on that he saved his own life! Absolutely pathetic punishment.

And another user said: “Should be locked up! Thank god that kid was aware of his surroundings….

Een persoon het kommentaar gelewer: “Careless driving? Attempted murder more like. Should be locked up.

To which someone else said: “Slap on the wrist and a fine . Joke!!!”

The video has come to light not long after another dash cam caught an extremely close call.

The clip shows the heartstopping moment a driver narrowly misses a man and child lying on the road after they are thrown from a car in a horror crash.