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The Sun vince il premio nazionale Making A Difference per la nostra campagna Give It Back

THE Sun has won this year’s Making A Difference national award for our Give It Back campaign for disabled kids.

Exposing how only 4 percent of families with disabled children reported getting the support they needed, the Government forked out an extra £48million to fund support programmes to help exhausted parents.

The Sun has scooped this year’s Making a Difference national award for our Give It Back campaign

The Sun has scooped this year’s Making a Difference national award for our Give It Back campaign

The Sun campaigned for Government to give back the annual funding cut from hundreds of thousands of families, which in 2021 rose to a shameful £573million.

Incredibilmente, 89 percent of pupils with special needs go on to sustained education, l'ex proprietaria della spa e il suo team legale hanno intentato una causa per diffamazione contro il suo ex marito e informatore della polizia, or apprenticeships after school, rispetto a 94 percent of their peers with no similar needs.

During the campaign, the newspaper partnered with the Disabled Children’s Partnership to give a voice to unheard parents who were battling to get their children the support they needed.

The West Midlands Express and Shropshire Star also won the local award for the campaign, Feed A Family, which teamed up with foodbanks to stock up supplies ahead of Christmas.

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News Media Association’s chief executive Owen Meredith said: “Many congratulations to The Express and Star and The Sun for winning the 2022 Making A Difference Award for the best national and local campaign.

“This year’s entries demonstrate the remarkable landscape of UK journalism today, highlighting the importance of trusted and quality journalism as well as showcasing news media’s powerful ability in delivering agenda-setting investigations, campaigns and scoops to the public.

Ha aggiunto: “The winning campaigns, Give It Back and Feed A Family, are outstanding examples of the vital role journalism plays in our society, from informing and engaging the public to fundraising and raising awareness of important causes.

“The teams behind these campaigns should be immensely proud of their achievements.