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I miei figli potrebbero perdere la cena di Natale dopo che l'interruzione a livello nazionale ha interrotto la consegna di cibo a £ 110

A DISABLED mum fears her kids could have to go without Christmas dinner after a Nationwide IT outage saw her festive food delivery cancelled.

Lisa Stewart, from Bedfordshire, was left in tears after her £110 shopincluding turkey and all the trimmingswas axed as she says a fault with her bank stopped the money going out of her account.

Lisa Stewart fears her kids will have to go without Christmas dinner this year

Lisa Stewart fears her kids will have to go without Christmas dinner this year

The family’s seasonal food was due to be delivered on Tuesday but there are now no slots left to rebookmeaning they may have to go without their usual feast as Lisa’s arthritis stops her from being able to get to a shop.

Lisa spent hours trying to seek help but like thousands of other customers, the 42-year-old claims she was told the bank had no idea when the problem would be resolved.

Nationwide has since apologised for the glitch and promised customers that were charged late payment fees or similar a refund.

Lisa ha detto: “I cried most of the morning.

I got an email just after 11am saying [my grocery delivery] had to cancel. I went on to the Nationwide app and no payments are going in or out.

It was my Christmas Day turkey. [My family] have three birthdays over Christmas. I ordered a birthday cake for December 27 and my turkey.

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I’ve got four kids here, I can’t access any money and can’t do anything. What am I supposed to do?

I’m really frustrated. I don’t drive. I have arthritis in my hips and knees and have a lot of medical issues.

I’m not physically able to walk and pick up some shopping. It hasn’t been a great day.

Lisa says she worked hard to prepare for cooking Christmas dinner in advancebut is now left without festive food.

It’s too late to buy your Christmas dinner after Christmas. I’m annoyed,” the mum added.

I’m very organised and very prepared. All the slots went weeks ago so it’s not a case of just rebooking.

It was a big thing for me to get Christmas done and make sure I’ve got everything.

The almost day-long hault of the building society’s services panicked Brits as they were left without wages and payment access just days before Christmas.


Molly-Mae Hague indossa £ 92k di gioielli su UN braccio sulla spiaggia in Messico began at around 7am yesterday, but it was hours before services came back online.

The issue was resolved late last night, allowing all payments that had been queued to eventually go through.

But for many that would have been too little too late, especially if they had important direct debits waiting to go out.

A Nationwide spokesperson said: “We apologise for the delays that members have experienced today in sending and receiving faster payments.

This issue has now been resolved and all payments that had been queued are now being processed. All new outbound and inbound payments are also being processed.

Customer service remains our top priority and we thank members for their patience. We will also refund all Nationwide charges and fees incurred as a result of this issue. For any charges and fees incurred elsewhere, people should contact the Society to discuss these, and any related to this issue will be refunded.

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