私の生意気な隣人は、許可を求めずに私のドライブに駐車します – 私は車を持っていませんが、そこで日光浴をするのが好きです

LIVING in a block of flats means that disputes over outdoor space with neighbours can often take place.

And one mum has grown frustrated with her cheeky neighbours who use her driveway space without asking permissioneven though she doesn’t own a car.

The mum was fed up of her "生意気" neighbours who use her driveway to park the car

The mum was fed up of her “生意気” neighbours who use her driveway to park the carクレジット: ゲッティ

The mum lives in a ground floor flat which comes with its own driveway, which she uses to sunbathe during summer, and also to hang her clothes out to dry.

But her new neighbours live in the flat directly above and have taken to parking their motor on her drive as she doesn’t own one.

に取る Mumsnet the resident shared their frustrations about her neighbours taking over her spot.

In a post titled “[AIBU] To not want their car on my driveway?”, the woman wrote: “A few months ago a family moved into the flat above me and have taken to parking their big people carrier on my drive.

They didn’t ask my permission, just assumed they were entitled to because I don’t have a car.

My frustration is when their car is there I can’t put my washing out, it also blocks a lot of the sun.

She also mentions her frustrations at her neighbours who park diagonally making it hard for her to get her pram in and out of her own flat.

The mum added: “They are out there at the minute cleaning and hoovering the car about 3ft away from my doorstep so I can’t sit out and enjoy the sun / a bit of peace and quiet.

Am I being unreasonable to be unhappy about them using my drive in this way? The poll results will determine what, どちらかといえば, I say to them.

But the mum’s post was met with lots of support with many keen to stress that she was completely in the right.

ある人は言った: “Omg how cheeky of them. Do they know it’s your drive? Go round with the deeds and tell them to get off.

Tell them it’s your private driveway and they don’t have permission to park there and to move their car. If you haven’t told them there may simply be a misunderstanding,” suggested a second.

In a further follow up comment, the mum explained how she planned to deal with the situation following the advice of her fellow Mumsnet users.

彼女は言いました: “Thank you for the replies. I wasn’t sure how people would see it given that I don’t have a car myself, I thought perhaps some might think I’m being petty and entitled when I don’t actually need it for its intended purposes.

I’ve just sent an email to my landlord, he isn’t their landlord but has liaised with the property manager a few times who oversees all of the flats.

彼女はそれから付け加えた: “I’ve had a quick chat with my landlord who asked me to put it all into writing and he’ll get onto the project manager first thing Monday morning thus saving me the need to address it myself.

They don’t seem at all approachable and I don’t want to get into any rows.

Thank you for the replies, I’m glad I posted as I was sitting on my hands thinking I was being unreasonable.

What are my rights if someone parks on my driveway?

  • If someone parks on your driveway, then they’re trespassing, so it’s a civil matter rather than a criminal offence.
  • This means the police don’t usually get involved and you would need an eviction notice from the courts.
  • If you’re lucky, the police may ask the driver to move their car, provided they can find the owner.
  • Otherwise a solicitor would be able to obtain the civil court’s permission to track down the legal owner, and a judge would have to make its removal an order of the court.
  • Court enforcers would then be the ones to take action and actually have the car moved.
  • あるいは, you could hire a private tow truck to have it moved, which will see you fork out at least £100.