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I nostri vicini da incubo parcheggiano su tutto il marciapiede e ignorano "nessun parcheggio".’ cartello – rende impossibile camminare fuori

RESIDENTS are fuming at their nightmare neighbours who park all over the pavement and make walking impossible despite a clearno parking” cartello.

Motorists were heavily criticised after images shared on social media showed “almeno 20 veicoli” on the pavement in Trafford Wharf Road in Manchester.

Residents have been fuming at their nightmare neighbours who park all over the pavement

Residents have been fuming at their nightmare neighbours who park all over the pavementCredito: Harry Hamish Gray
Pictures showed "almeno 20 veicoli" on the pavement in Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester

Pictures showed “almeno 20 veicoli” on the pavement in Trafford Wharf Road, ManchesterCredito: Harry Hamish Gray

Several other motors also appeared to be parked on double yellow lines next to a block of apartments on the road.

Harry Gray, who took the photos, said the problem had become so bad that pedestrians were forced to walk in the road to avoid the vehicles.

Harry told MEN: “It makes navigating the pavements a pain, especially if you’re a disabled person, it can make going outside nearly impossible.

Local residents are sick of the police passing the issue back to the council and the council back onto the police, without any meaningful enforcement.

Both authorities have the powers to stop this, but activity choose to do nothing.

tuttavia, Trafford Council said it did not have the power to legally enforce parking restrictions on the road following changes to its layout.

Un portavoce ha detto: “Since the road layout changed, we have not been legally able to enforce parking restrictions on all sections of road in this location.

The Council are currently progressing a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to ensure the yellow lines and other regulation changes for parking in this area are legally enforceable.

“Greater Manchester Police have also been asked to review the parking issues in the meantime as current parking behaviour is obstructing access by pavement users.”

While a GMP spokesperson said cops were working with residents and the council tocome to a long-term solution to reach a resolution”.

GMP are also in the process of enforcement and have issued notices to several vehicles.

Coun Fianna Hornby, who represents Gorse Hill Ward, said parking on pavements was also a problem elsewhere in Stretford.

Lo scorso mese, police took action against several motorists forunusual methodsof parking in the area.

Coun Hornby said :”Residents and visitors in Gorse Hill are quite rightly fed up with pavement parking in the area.

Although this is an issue all over, Gorse Hill does have unique challenges as around 75,000 people come to visit frequently to visit Old Trafford to watch Manchester United.

My ward colleagues and I have been working very closely with the parking enforcement team at Trafford Council and Greater Manchester Police, with the aim of cracking down on the issue.

Great strides have been made, including issuing hundreds of parking fines on match days.

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There is always more to be done. Please consider others when you park.

If you see something you think is untoward, get in touch with Trafford Council Parking enforcement, Greater Manchester Police or Councillors. We need people to report it via official channels, so we can take action.