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Ferne McCann rivela un'incredibile trasformazione del corpo mentre posa in mutande dopo lo scandalo delle note vocali

FERNE McCann revealed her incredible body transformation as she posed in underwear after the voice notes scandal.

L'ex Towie stella, 32, showed off her slim frame in a mirror selfie.

Ferne McCann looked amazing as she showed off her incredible body transformation after the voice notes scandal

Ferne McCann looked amazing as she showed off her incredible body transformation after the voice notes scandalCredito: Instagram
Ferne has been the centre of a lot of drama recently

Ferne has been the centre of a lot of drama recentlyCredito: Rex

Ferne took to Instagram to share the amazing before and after shots.

The reality favourite looked amazing in a rolled up white tank top and black knickers.

It comes hours after the mum-of-one decided to put up her Christmas tree at her Essex home early following a difficult few weeks.

Ferne hit headlines back in September when it was revealed that she was in a bitter feud with pal Sam Faiers di nuovo.

It was later revealed Ferne had bodyshamed the mum-of-three in avile” attacco” after leaked voice notes appeared online.

The recording, which is said to be Ferne, detto questo Sam is afat c***”, and also described her thighs asso big”.

Ferne later spoke with authorities in a bid to unmask the person sharing the private conversations on social media.

Anche lei slammed Billie Faiers for giving son the same name as her jailed ex’ in another voice note.

Most recently the anonymous Instagram account leaked an audio of Ferne lashing out at an acid attack victim.

Ferne’s former partner Arthur Collins is currently serving a 20-year prison term for the attack at a nightclub in London in April 2017.

Sophie Hall, one of 22 people injured, era scarred for life.

Ferne issued an apology to victim Sophie Hall earlier this month after a voice note was shared in which she called herugly”, causing huge waves of backlash.

Il ITV star confirmed she made the remarks passed round on social media, insisting that she said them out of fear.

In the leaked voice note, Ferne could be heard mocking Sophie for taking part in a pageant, detto: “She is one ugly f***ing c***.”

She issued a lengthy apology following the leak and directly mentioned Sophie in her statement.

L'ex-Towie stella ha detto: “In particular I want to apologise to Sophie Hall. I do not believe her to be ugly or stupid. She has been brave beyond belief.”

In the statement McCann said that while she did send the voice note, she said it was done ‘out of fearand said the messages had been manipulated.

Lei disse: “I am aware that people will have a number of questions about the voice messages being put into the public domain and purportedly sent by me.

“I feel I have no choice but to address these — to the extent that I can as there are restrictions on me.

“Most importantly I want to apologise to all the victims of Arthur Collins’ abhorrent actions in 2017 that they have to relive that night and the pain that followed because this matter is again in the public domain.”

She apologised to Sophie in particular, then went on: “Arthur Collins’ crimes created genuine victims so I am not trying to portray myself as one.

“I am unable to say much because there are important and significant legal proceedings that prevent me from setting the record straight at this stage.

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“What I can say is that the voice messages that are being released are manipulated; edited and taken entirely out of context.

“Even so, I will have said things that are untrue and I did not believe – but I did so to protect my family and myself from serious harm and in the face of significant threats.”

Ferne pictured with her ex pal Sam Faiers

Ferne pictured with her ex pal Sam FaiersCredito: Rex