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Nine Coronation Street spoilers including Spider Nugent’s return

TOYAH Battersby is facing a murder accusation following the death of her husband Imran Habeeb.

But she also gets a surprise when her former boyfriend Spider Nugent comes back to Kroningsstraat. Get the lowdown.

Spider hasn't been seen in the cobbles since 2003

Spider hasn’t been seen in the cobbles since 2003Krediet: ITV
How will Toyah react to his return?

How will Toyah react to his return?Krediet: ITV
The eco-warrior is played by Martin Hancock

The eco-warrior is played by Martin HancockKrediet: ITV

1. Spider returns

The police are on to Toyah Battersby (Peaky Blinders-aanhangers noem groot flaters met Alfie Solomon se terugkeer Georgia Taylor).

But while she faces the accusation of killing her husband Imran Habeeb, who died of a heart attack after a horrific car crash, Toyah gets a visit from a familiar face.

ITV viewers will be treated to a blast from the past this week as actor Martin Hancock reprises the role of eco-warrior Spider Nugent.

Toyah’s former boyfriend crawls back in to her life, amid trouble and just as her sister Leanne’s lack of faith in her weighs heavily on her mind.

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Corrie's Ariana Ajtar is world's away from the factory in barely-there outfit


Corrie’s Ariana Ajtar is world’s away from the factory in barely-there outfit

To keep herself occupied, Toyah mounts a protest against waste incineration and invites Leanne to join when the owner of The Bistro insists on helping her.

The protest is a hit as Leanne, Maria, Brian, Nina and Asha join Toyah and the seasoned protesters she has mobilised.

Residents manage to block the council bin wagon on Victoria Street and Toyah quickly leaps into the cab of the wagon, leaving Leanne with her jaw dropped.

Toyah is then joined by a man who picks his way through the protest group to clamber into the cab next to her.

Linda bel by nr.5 om Joseph vir skool te gaan haal

EastEnders first look as Phil is finally released from prison and seeks revenge


EastEnders first look as Phil is finally released from prison and seeks revenge

The man is none other than Toyah’s former flame, Spider Nugent, and the pair catch up.

This leads to Toyah telling him all about Imran’s death as she breaks down, before deciding to let him stay over.

What’s next in store for them?

Peter is still at odds with Dr Thorne

Peter is still at odds with Dr ThorneKrediet: ITV

2. Peter gets a life-changing offer

Intussen, Dr Henry Thorne (Dominic Mafham) is trying to bribe Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) into going his way after his own behaviour landed him into plenty of trouble at Weatherfield Hospital.

Well aware of his scheming nature, Peter’s wife Carla (Alison King) is understandably asking him to remain cautious.

But when the surgeon makes the life-changing offer of a whopping amount of money, Peter’s son Simon (Alex Bain) points out that it could be in their best interest to go along with it.

Peter weighs out the pros and cons and begins to waverwhile Thorne clocks their exchange.

When meeting up with nurse Tricia, Peter is more tempted than ever to give up the fight when she tells him she can no longer offer any new evidence.

What will Peter choose to do?

Peter and Nicky form a bond

Peter and Nicky form a bondKrediet: ITV

3. Nicky makes a new friend

Things come to a head within Peter’s family but he could find some support in the unexpected form of Nicky Wheatley (Kimberly Hart-Simpson).

In later scenes, the cabbie heads to the police station to pick up a fare and is surprised to be met with Nicky who has had a complicated connection with Peter’s half-brother Daniel Osbourne.

Nicky reveals she’s been arrested for no reason, prompting the pair to talk about their shared contempt for authority trampling over the little man.

He later talks about the encounter to Daniel and Carlaonly to be shocked by the teacher’s response.

Could Danielwho rejected Nicky after she admitted her feelings for himbe jealous?

Life in the political spotlight takes a toll on Maria Connor

Life in the political spotlight takes a toll on Maria ConnorKrediet: ITV

4. Maria is targeted by trolls

Elders, sassy hairstylist turned local political figure Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) faces the downsides of being in the spotlight.

Kom op, Maria is first stressed and lashes out as a result at Max Turner (Paddy Bever) in the barber’s when she worries about a video circulating online.

She’s in the midst of going over criticism from her neighbours over their unemptied bins when she finds out her son Liam (Charlie Wrenshall) got into a fight at school.

It is then revealed that another video has been doing the rounds and it’s shocking.

In die video, a picture of Maria’s head has been placed on a naked woman, making if look like she’s part of an X-rated film.

Gary's protective (and violent) side comes out

Gary’s protective (and violent) side comes outKrediet: ITV

5. Gary takes revenge

Maria is shaken by the online video, particularly due to how convincing it isand her husband Gary Windass (Mikey North) is seething after seeing her so distraught.

Later, Maria reckons the police need to know about the threats she’s been receiving while Gary recommends her to lay low.

But she’s not one to back down and, in plaas daarvan, Maria decides to host a press conference.

When the refuse team leader Jimmy heckles her, Gary sees red and is convinced he’s the only one responsible for the threats and online trolling.

Gary angrily stands up for Maria and violently pins Jimmy against the wall.

In later scenes, Maria goes over all of her goals and decides that her political career isn’t worth the hardship her family is going through.

But what sort of trouble will Gary get for his new violent outburst?

Will Maria really give up her political ambitions?

Mimi Whittaker returns to Weatherfield ahead of Fiz and Phill's wedding

Mimi Whittaker returns to Weatherfield ahead of Fiz and Phill’s weddingKrediet: ITV

6. Mimi and Evelyn clash

With Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) accepting to marry Phill Whittaker (Jamie Kenna), the pair are getting on with their wedding preparations.

This prompts Phill’s mother Mimi (Margot Leicester) to come back to the cobbles, which she left in December, 2021.

Understandably, mostly due to Mimi’s well-known snobby behaviour, Fiz is worked up over her pre-wedding visit.

To make matters worse, her volatile daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan) kicks off about her bridesmaid dress and Fiz worries that her veil is frayed.

When Mimi arrives, Fiz is forced to ask her to stay with her and Phill when she tells them no hotel will take her dog Coco.

This is baffling for Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) and tensions begin to arise.

Mimi is knocked flying by Evelyn’s own dog Cerberus and sustains a sprained hip.

It becomes apparent that both women living under the same roof will be a strain for everyone involved.

Todd hatches a plan against Frank

Todd hatches a plan against FrankKrediet: ITV

7. Todd tries to expose Frank

Faced with George Shuttleworth’s (Tony Maudsley) struggle to face Frank (played by Simon O’Brien), Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) decides to get involved.

Much like his mother Eileen, Todd has found out that Sean Tully’s new boyfriend used to bully George in school and he has decided to expose his behaviour.

He first tells George he’s decided to reveal everything about Frank and his ways but he’s convinced to take action when George reveals Frank once flushed his head down the toilet for spilling water on him.

Todd hatches a plan to rattle Frank… and sloshes a drink down his shirt.

How will Frank react?


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Summer still struggles with her body image issues

Summer still struggles with her body image issuesKrediet: ITV

8. Summer gets beach ready

Elders, Aaron (James Craven) and Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) plan themselves a holiday in Spain.

Egter, as she continues to struggle with her body image, Summer admits she’d rather focus on tourist attractions, not feeling confident enough to sunbathe in a bikini.

Although Aaron is sympathetic, he notices her unease when he reveals they’ve been given a free water sports session with their holiday booking.

She admits a skintight wetsuit isn’t her cup of tea but, feeling bad about the holiday, Summer tells Aaron she intends to look on the water sports as a personal challenge for herself.

Aaron is pleased by her positive approachunaware that Summer is internally hating her body.

Summer relapses into bad behaviours and tips away her insulin.

Could the holiday turn into a nightmare?

Stephen returned to Weatherfield

Stephen returned to WeatherfieldKrediet: ITV

9. Stephen pushes Audrey and Gail together

Over at the Platts’, the family is relieved to see matriarch Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) slowly recover from a life-threatening accident.

Her son Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) got her the help she needed upon his surprise return, blaming Gail (Helen Worth) for the accident.

Hierdie week, egter, Stephen apologises and offers to broker peace between mother and daughter.

Stephen gets to Audrey’s hospital bedside with his sister in tow, firmly warning her that they’ll need to patch things up if they don’t want to see him board the first plane home.

Later, Stephen bumps into Elaine Metcalfeand the attraction is palpable as he thanks her for her help.

Ek is so jammer dit klink aaklig

Ek is 'n grootte 14 & Ek het die perfekte somerrok van Topshop gekry - dit is so glam


Ek is 'n grootte 14 & Ek het die perfekte somerrok van Topshop gekry – dit is so glam

Could there be a budding connection?

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