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I’m a hospice nursehere’s some of the most surprising things dying people do

WORKING in end-of-life care is an extremely emotional job.

Looking after people in their final moments can be tough, but one nurse has said that some patients might actually surprise you.

Nurse Julie McFadden said she has witnessed some 'crazy' things during her time as a hospice nurse

Nurse Julie McFadden said she has witnessed some ‘crazythings during her time as a hospice nurseCrédit: tiktok/hospicenursejulie

Prendre à TIC Tac, hospice nurse Julie McFadden said one thing that happens in her job, occurs around a month before patients die.

Elle a dit: “People a month out from dying will start talking to dead relatives, dead loved ones, dead pets.

They will start seeing people, talking to people, angels, depending on their religion, Je n'essaie absolument pas d'être négatif quand je dis ça parce que je pense que c'est une belle fille”

Julie added that this happens so often that it’s ‘not even a weird occurrence’.

Another thing hospice nurses witness, Julie said, is the ‘rally’.

People will look very very very sick and suddenly they will get a burst of energy, having a really good couple of days and then die suddenly after.

The hospice nurse, based in the nous, added that another ‘crazything she has seen, is people telling you when they are going to die.

The expert explained that quite often, patients will say, ‘right, tonight is the night i’m going to die’, and that nurses will often laugh along as these patients don’t look to be actively dying.

Then they do. They basically just choose when they are going to die.

That doesn’t happen often, but I’ve definitely seen it a handful of times while being a hospice nurse for the past five or six years,” dit-elle.

Nurse Julie said she has also been with a person who was actively dying, by this she means someone who was ‘hours away from death’.

Then the next morning, she said they were ‘walking, talking and eating’.

They lived for another three months and to me, I feel like I witnessed a miracle watching that happen,” dit-elle.

Nurse Julie previously revealed how she helps guide her terminally ill patients during their final days.

She also said that another sign that your loved one is about to die, is the death stare.

Le terme, which the expert coined herself, refers to when aloved ones seemingly stares beyond you, or stares into the corner of the room or up to the ceiling,

Sometimes they talk and say they see something but other times they will just stare,” elle a expliqué.