STACEY Giggs has blasted ex Max George asfame hungry” そして “obsessedwith life in the spotlight after accusing him of cheating with Strictly co-star Maisie Smith.

The mum of two, 43, is currently taking priceless time out with her kids in PortugalThe Wanted star’s new relationship was revealed.

Stacey Giggs has blasted ex Max George as 'fame hungry' after his relationship with Maisie Smith was revealed

Stacey Giggs has blasted ex Max George as ‘fame hungryafter his relationship with Maisie Smith was revealedクレジット: PA:プレス協会
Mum of two Stacey told a pal she believed The Wanted popstar was 'obsessed' with life in the spotlight

Mum of two Stacey told a pal she believed The Wanted popstar was ‘obsessedwith life in the spotlightクレジット: インスタグラム

Yet she hasn’t pulled any punches when addressing his conduct as she exclusively told The Sun of her belief that hunk マックス, 33, had been cheating on her with Maisie, 21, during their time together.

Speaking exclusively to us, the ex-wife of マンチェスターユナイテッドライアン・ギグス told a friend: “I’m very shocked he could be so cruel and I don’t recognise the person he’s become.

I think Max has become obsessed with fame.”

Stacey added to the friend: “I confronted him millions of times about his closeness to her. But he always denied it.

“I had a gut instinct they were more than just friends.

I dumped him because I thought he might be cheating. We split for a few days but Max would always beg to stay.

He was using my former marital home like a hotelhe would walk around like he owned the place taking selfies for his Instagram.

“He’s a two-bit pop star and a fame-hungry man-child.”

We revealed how ステイシー told a pal: “To see them dating publicly so quickly after I dumped him is like a dagger to the heart.”

Stacey also branded マックスジョージ a “lying dog” after The Sun revealed the Wanted star had taken Maisie on a romantic break in Crete.

Stacey began dating Max in January 2019.

The following April their relationship became public and he moved into her £3.5million マンチェスター 家.

Max and Stacey shared the home with her two children from her marriage to Giggs — currently on trial accused of assaulting his former girlfriend Kate Greville, 彼はそれを否定します.

マックス, previously engaged to ミシェル・キーガン, 当時言った: “I’ve never felt so strongly about anyone before.”

From September to December of 2020 he starred on BBC1厳密に alongside former イーストエンダーズ star Maisie. He came ninth while she was runner-up.

In March this year he and Stacey split after she became suspicious that Max had become close to Maisie during the Strictly tour, which began in January.

She took him back after a few days, with him insisting there was no romance. They remained together despite fresh rumours, but on July 25 Stacey kicked Max out again after becoming convinced he had indeed cheated on her.

七月に 27 they met for dinner to talk and she said that they ended up in bed.

Stacey believes that on July 28 —Max flew to ポルトガル, where he met up with Maisie and two other friends from the tour.

A British tourist, who saw them in Albufeira holding hands and kissing, ザ・サンに語った: “We got chatting and they said they were dating but that we mustn’t tell anyone.”

Stacey told the pal: “Eventually I had enough of his lies and constant need for attention and kicked him out of the house. But he seems to have gone straight off to Maisie.”

Last week Max and Maisie were seen kissing and cuddling in the pool at a five-star resort in Crete.

Max is believed to insist his relationship with Maisie began only after his split from Stacey.

Max was approached for comment about Stacey’s claims.

Max is now dating Maisie, with the pair spotted on holiday in Crete

Max is now dating Maisie, with the pair spotted on holiday in Creteクレジット: セブ・フランクリンの殺人裁判のエピソードが引っ張られたとき、コリーは大きなスケジュールのシェイクアップを取得します
Stacey told how she 'did not recognise' the person Max has become

Stacey told how she ‘did not recognisethe person Max has becomeクレジット: スプラッシュ
Max and Stacey started dating in 2019

Max and Stacey started dating in 2019クレジット: キャプションを参照してください