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Met Office reveals it WILL be a white Christmas Day in official forecast

THE Met Office has revealed it will be a white Christmas in its official festive forecast.

While it’s looking like much of the country will be dealt a cloudy and wet Sunday there is one spot where the white stuff is expected to fall.

The Met Office has revealed it will be a white Christmas for some

The Met Office has revealed it will be a white Christmas for someKrediet: NNP

And that is forecast to be Skotland, waar snow is looking to start blanketing the northwest later in the day.

It is expected to fall at low levels overnight, and continue into Boxing Day.

Met Office said this classifies this year as a white Kersfees, as it is defined as a single snowflake falling anywhere in the UK on Christmas Day.

Deputy chief meteorologist David Oliver said: “An unsettled Christmas weekend is on the way for many, with those in the north and west seeing the most frequent and the heaviest showers.

High winds will affect some coasts through the weekend with gales in places, especially the north and west.

“Christmas Day will be unsettled for many, with the most frequent showers in the northern half of the Verenigde Koninkryk and some more sporadic and mostly lighter showers further south.

There is some uncertainty about the timing of colder air from the northwest, but it looks like this will introduce some snow showers to the northwest of Scotland late on Christmas Day.”

David said the driest conditions are expected to be in the central and eastern parts of England.

Intussen, wxcharts laid out a map over where snow is expected to fall in coming days.

It comes as the Met Office said New Year’s Eve could be a white-out if temperatures plunge to a bitter -11C.

Long-range forecasts suggest heavy snow and wintry conditions could hit some areas just in time to ring in 2023.

Maar, Brit holidaymakers looking to escape the cold could head to Spanje and enjoy sunshine and temperatures above 20C.

Tourists who beat the UK Border Force strikes and other industrial action will be able to swap their coats for shorts and T-shirts once they touch down.