Olivia’s killer WILL be given up by ‘disgusted’ criminals, cop claims

A TOP cop has claimed that Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s killer WILL be given up by fellow criminals.

Innocent Olivia, nine, was caught in the crossfire of an alleged “tit-for-tat” gang war in Liverpool.

Olivia was killed at her family home

Olivia was killed at her family homeCredit: PA
Cops are still hunting her killer

Cops are still hunting her killerCredit: CHRIS NEILL

Police are still desperately hunting the gunman who killed her – and have been begging those who know what happen to come forward.

Cops believe the killer is being protected by omerta – a code of silence used among gangs.

But Neil Basu, who spent three years bringing the killer of young Toni-Ann Byfield to justice, has told how he believes the gunman will soon be caught.

The now assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard told The Times: “Omerta is one thing, but omerta is affected by changing loyalties and by disgust.

“Experience teaches you that loyalties change. People might want to protect somebody today, but they don’t necessarily want to protect them tomorrow. 

“Sometimes it’s in their best interest to give up their competition. But sometimes it’s just because they are disgusted by the crime that this person has committed.”

Last week the youngster’s heartbroken family pleaded with locals to come forward with information.

They said in a statement: “We as a family are heartbroken and have lost a huge part of our life.

“If anyone knows anything, now is the time to speak up. It is not about being a ‘snitch’ or a ‘grass’, it is about finding out who took our baby away from us.

“Please do the right thing.”

Basu believes Olivia’s killer will soon confess because of the guilt of killing a child.

He said: “You might be a hardened criminal who is used to shooting other hardened criminals.

“But you’ve just shot dead a nine-year-old.”

The bloodbath unfolded when intended target Joseph Nee rushed into Olivia’s home to escape a gunman who shot at him and a second male on the street.

Mum Cheryl appeared to have opened the front door to see what the commotion was when the 35-year-old forced his way inside.

The shooter then followed and began peppering the home with bullets – hitting Cheryl first then Olivia, who was standing behind her mum.

Tragically, Olivia was declared dead shortly after, while her mum was treated for a gunshot wound to the wrist.

Intended target Nee was treated for multiple wounds to his upper body.

As Olivia lay dying, his friends picked him up in a black Audi and took him to hospital.

Nee has since been recalled to jail for breaching the terms of his release.