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Kate Ferdinand ammette di sentirsi ancora una "estranea".’ e' non fa parte della famiglia’ mentre si apre alla vita con Rio

KATE Ferdinand revealed that she still feels like an “fuori dagli schemi” as she opened up about family life with husband Rio.

L'ex star di Towie – who took on the role as stepmum to Rio’s three children Tate, 13, Lorenz, 15, and Tia, 11, that he shares with his late wife Rebecca Ellisonsaid she still feels like she’s notpart of the family”.

Kate Ferdinand opened up about feeling like an 'outsider' in her family

Kate Ferdinand opened up about feeling like an ‘outsiderin her familyCredito: Rex
The former reality star is stepmum to Rio's three children

The former reality star is stepmum to Rio’s three childrenCredito: Instagram

Kate, 31, who also shares one-year-old Cree with Rio, said it can cause her to become an emotional wreck at times.

In a recent episode of her podcast Blended, Kate spoke to special guest Alex Willumsen about how long it takes for a blended family to become fullyformed”.

They say four to seven years and I’m at the kind of five year mark and I’m feeling good, I’m feeling a lot better than where I was at the beginning,” Kate told listeners.

I still feelno one makes me feel like this by the way, this is me and myselfthat I’m sometimes not part of the family.

I sometimes get over emotional about somethings and certain things trigger me because it makes me feel like an outsider,” lei ha continuato.

None of my family do anything to make me feel like that.

They are welcoming, they do everything that they could possibly do in all honesty but I’m just so emotional about it.

All'inizio di quest'anno, Kate admitted her love for her step-children can be more intense than that for her son.

She said there is an “instant love” with your biological offspring.

Lei ha aggiunto: “I feel the love of a stepchild is even sometimes more intense, because you’ve worked so hard to get there and I find myself probably overdoing everything.

“I worry about the big kids so much more.

“There’s a different kind of worry that comes with children that have lost a parent.”

Kate – who welcomed son Cree in 2020, recently opened up about how she felt like shelost herselfwhile looking after her newborn.

Lei disse: “I felt like I was so happy to be a parent, I was so happy to have biological child, but I just felt like I lost all sense of who I actually was.

Rio was going to work every day, putting on his suit, looking fly, spraying his aftershave, skipping out the door and I’m sitting there in my pyjamas with no sense of who I am.

For me it’s really important for my children to see me going to work, especially our daughter Tia.

She needs to see me going to work so she knows it’s important to go to work, it’s important to be independent I feel like we should show our children how we want them to be.

I enjoy getting out of the house because it’s bloody hard work when they’re nagging you all the time.

It takes a strong woman to stay at home and look after the kids all day, knowing that her husband is out and about.

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Kate worked as a business support manager for a big team in a bank before shooting to fame on Towie in 2015.

She quit the ITVBe show to spend more time with Rio and his family.

Kate said she still feels like she's not 'part of the family'

Kate said she still feels like she’s not ‘part of the familyCredito: instagram