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RHOBH star Erika’s lawyer ‘ordered to hand over financial recordsin fraud suit

ERIKA Jayne’s divorce lawyer, accountant, and landlord have been “bestellt” by the court tohand over all financial recordsof the housewife in massive fraud lawsuit.

Das Konzentriert sich auf das Privat- und Berufsleben verschiedener Frauen in der Gegend von New Jersey star was previously accused of refusing to turn over her bank statements and other documents to a bankruptcy trustee investigating her financials.

Erika's lawyer, accountant, and landlord have been 'ordered' to turn over all financial documents

Erika’s lawyer, accountant, and landlord have been ‘orderedto turn over all financial documentsAnerkennung: Bravo
The court has asked for all records 'pertaining to her finances'

The court has asked for all records ‘pertaining to her financesAnerkennung: AP-Foto

On Monday the court ruled that Erika‘s accountant Michael Ullman, divorce lawyer Larry Ginsburg, and landlord Benjamin Khakshour provide all financial records from the 49-year-old.

The three must issue access tokey documents including her pay stubs, bank statements and any emails and text messages pertaining to her finances,” MENSCHEN berichtet.

Ullman, Ginsburg, and Khakshour must produce the requested documents before the week of July 19th, when they will allappear in court for examination on various days,” the court documents revealed.

Erika’s husband Tom Girardi, 82, and his law firm Girardi Keese has been accused of embezzling millions from families who lost their loved ones in Lion Air Flight 610.

Ullman, Ginsburg, and Khakshour will 'appear in court' in mid-June

Ullman, Ginsburg, and Khakshour will ‘appear in courtin mid-JuneAnerkennung: Getty – Mitwirkender
Tom was accused of 'embezzling millions'

Tom was accused of ’embezzling millionsAnerkennung: Getty Images – Getty

The TV personality filed for divorce in November, and just a month later the attorney was sued by his business partners resulting in a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.

Erika originallyrefused to provide accessto her books and records of her various companies to Ullman and the accounting firm.

The previous motion read: “As each day goes by, Erika has been publicly dissipating community assets by selling her clothes on public websites, flaunting large jewels on social media and on television, and has done nothing to assist in return structured firm payments being made to her instead of the firm by the California lottery, notwithstanding she was contacted through counsel over twelve days ago.

The document later claimed that the reality star had used her companies, including the recently created Pretty Mess Inc, to hide her assets and has prevented Ullman’s firm from accessing the details.

Erika previously denied access to her financial history

Erika previously denied access to her financial historyAnerkennung: Getty
The trustee who investigated the case claimed 'zero cooperation' from the housewife

The trustee who investigated the case claimed ‘zero cooperationfrom the housewifeAnerkennung: Bravo

At every turn, Erika has used the glam to continue to aid and abet these sham transactions that have been occurring with respect to large transfers of assets from the [Girardi Keese] to Erika,” it alleged.

“Außerdem, the Trustee has received zero cooperation from Erika which is constant [sic] with someone hiding assets.

The motion also cited that Erika’s lawyers had filed to stop representing her, but later withdrew the filing, raising reason for concern and adding tothe necessity to trace her money and investigate the receipt of funds, her purchases including the bling and the glam, (diamonds and high expenditures of beauty maintenance, usw.).”

The mother of one’s legal team responded two days later with their own court filing as they alleged shehas been and remains willing to cooperate fully with the Trustee’s investigation in this bankruptcy of debtor Girardi & Keese.

They've accused her of 'hiding assets'

They’ve accused her of ‘hiding assetsAnerkennung: Instagram
Erika divorced Tom in November

Erika divorced Tom in NovemberAnerkennung: Bravo

Erika’s team also claimed that the assigned counsel to the trustee in the bankruptcy case has spreadfalse and inflammatorystatements about the TV star on social media, and requested that the court reconsider his appointment.

The filing alleged that they engaged invicious, conclusory, and speculative public vilificationall without evidence, which even if it existed, should and must be presented to and adjudicated by this Court.

The bankruptcy case has marked just one of the many legal issues plaguing both Erika and Tom Girardi.

The 82-year-old lawyer was also recently diagnosed with dementia and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and his younger brother Robert has been named the conservator of his estate.

The ex-couple has additionally been accused of using their divorce as a method of protection for their money.

Im winzigen Junggesellenabschied von RHOBH-Star Erika Jayne nach dem Auszug aus der 13-Millionen-Dollar-Villa in LA inmitten von Scheidungs- und Betrugsansprüchen