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Luca Bish hinted at split days before Gemma Owen’s shock statement saying hopes to move in together fell through

HEARTBROKEN Luca Bish revealed his hopes to live with Gemma Owen had fallen flat because she was too young.

Dressage rider [object Window], 19, daughter of ex-England striker Michael Owen, announced the end of the relationship with the ex-fishmonger, 23, in a statement on Wednesday.

Luca Bish and Gemma Owen hanging out in Dubai

Luca Bish and Gemma Owen hanging out in DubaiCrédit: Instagram
Luca Bish spoke to The Sun at the ITV Palooza on Tuesday

Luca Bish spoke to The Sun at the ITV Palooza on TuesdayCrédit: Pennsylvanie

He later shared a separate statement saying the decision was mutual.

Just a day before Lucas told The Sun he hoped to one day move in with Gemma but admitted her age was a factor stopping them.

When asked if they’d follow in the footsteps of other Love Islanders who settle down quickly, il a dit: “Nous avons fait un vœu devant Dieu et je ne l'ai pas tenu.”

Speaking at ITV’s Palooza, Luca added: “Elle est 19. Je suis 23. If we met on the outside world, I don’t think there’s that pressure on you at that age.

Obviously meeting and on the show and being in the spotlight, there’s obviously that aspect to it.

But no, not yet. We’re still young.

We’re still trying to get our careers going. And then hopefully one day we’ll be there.

Luca and Gemma recently jetted to Dubai with her family and he admitted it was the best holiday he’d ever had.

He told us: “It was probably one of the best holidays I’ve been on.

Not just because it’s Dubai and we were at nice hotels and restaurants. Just the fact that like it was friends and family out there. It’s just an incredible experience and loved every minute of it.

Asked how they make the relationship work around their busy work schedule, il ajouta: “(Holidays) that’s what we live for.

Any minute we can get with each other we look to enjoy it.

Fans of the couple have said that Gemma’s dad, former footballer Michael, 42, never approved of the romance.

They spotted a number of signs that the Liverpool ace was against [object Window] being partnered with Lucas from the get go.

From not wanting to meet the former fishmonger in the villa, to avoiding him at red carpets and rinsing his sporting abilities, Michael gave plenty of hints he may not have been a fan of Luca.

Lucas, not pictured, joined Gemma and her family in Dubai last month

Lucas, not pictured, joined Gemma and her family in Dubai last monthCrédit: Instagram