犬の飼い主が生意気な広告を使って無料のペットシッターを獲得 – しかし、通知は意見を分割します

A DOG owner divided opinion after using a cheeky advert to try and get a free pet sitter.

ザ・ シドニー pooch owner came up with an inventive plan to get free doggy day care by offering up her four-legged companion as apart time for a family.

The notice featured a photo of the dog, Tedy, and a description of his owner's proposal

The notice featured a photo of the dog, Tedy, and a description of his owner’s proposalクレジット: Reddit

A member of the public spotted the advert pinned to a noticeboard.

It featured two photos of the little dog, Tedy, and a description of his owner’s controversial proposal.

The ad, shared to Reddit, 前記: “Do you love dogs, but you are too busy to have a full time commitment or too much financially?

Tedy is looking for an alternative family. Would you like or your kids to have a dog?”

The dog’s “お母さん” said she was happy to share him on the weekends and afternoonsbut there was no mention of payment.

The sharing agreement seemed to depend on whether thealternative familywould be happy to look after Tedy for free while she was away travelling.

The ad said: “My mum is happy to share me with you on the weekend or afternoon (as per agreement) for an exchange to look after me when she is travelling.

The bizarre offering divided opinion onlinewith many thinking it was just a brazen attempt to get a free pet sitter.

The person who shared the ad on Reddit said: “Do people do this or is this person looking for free dog sitting?”

One user replied: “それは 100 per cent free babysitting.

Another said itmight be confusingfor the dog to have two owners.

3分の1は言った: “Next thing we know people are looking to offer a part time baby.

While others admitted it was a bit “生意気, they said Tedy’s owner could be onto something.

一人が書いた: “Jokes aside, this is indeed a very clever way to get free pet sitting, but also a win-win for some who would love to have a pet, but cant afford or just don’t have enough time.

別の人は言った: “Yes they want free doggie daycare but hey if they can find someone who wants to do that then good luck to them.

3番目は書いた: “Pet sharing is definitely a thing, seems a bit cheeky to me but maybe everyone benefits.

Someone thought it was afair dealas long as Tedy’s owners pay for food while they’re away.

It’s free dog sitting but some people like having a temporary pet,” 彼らは言った.

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